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Forbes Galleries makes "Space" for Celestial Collection

Forbes Galleries makes "Space" for Celestial Collection

Men have promised women the sun, moon and stars forever. A demonstration of that, in the form of jewelry will be on display thru the first week of September at the Forbes Galleries in New York City. The galleries are presenting “Out of this World – Jewelry in the Space Age”.

This amazing display, which begins on March 16th, is a collection of jewelry inspired by a variety space related events.

The collection is from over 100 different designers and others who have lent items for the display. So what would a space inspired collection include? You are going to love this. How about the necklace worn by Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope as a starter?

Other items include an 18k gold replica of the lunar landing module. Cartier created three of them as gifts for the astronauts of the Apollo 11. There’s a watch that was created for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory that tells the time on Mars. The display also includes a pair of “Man in the Moon” earrings created for Tiffany’s that were once owned by Gloria Vanderbilt.

The collection’s space theme doesn’t stop there. Talk about out of this world, there are actually pieces made of materials found in space including pallasite, tektite and meteorite. There are pieces made of materials created by NASA. Many pieces have themes based on Halley’s Comet, Sputnik, and other man-made and natural celestial objects.

This is sure to be a fun exhibit for the entire family. The Forbes Galleries are in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York. The display is in the lobby of the Forbes building, and admission to view the collection is free.

Raymond Z for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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