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Why Yes, there is a $1223 Cupcake – The Most Expensive Dessert

Why Yes, there is a $1223 Cupcake – The Most Expensive Dessert

How much would most people pay for a cupcake? A couple dollars? Some might spend more if they stopped by their favorite bakery for a homemade dessert, but most consumers are going to be hard-pressed to spend more money than that. This is why it’s so shocking to realize that someone makes a cupcake that costs over $1,000. But for $1,223, you can own your own cupcake, complete with 24-karat gold painted directly onto the cupcake itself.

It’s not the first time that we’ve written about such extravagance. After all, you can purchase plenty of things made from gold, even cigarette rolling papers. It’s not even the first time that edible gold leaf has come across our browsers, either. It’s especially popular in desserts. So where do you go if you’ve got the money to spend on this golden masterpiece to sate your sweet tooth? Look no further than Dubai, which is a Mecca of gluttony with its towering skyscrapers and under-water restaurants.

It’ll be a good long look, too, because the presentation is fantastic. The “Golden Phoenix” as this cupcake is known is shaped into a bird-like form. There’s definite artistry going on here, even if you feel that the use of edible gold leaf is a bit over the top. And it’s not just the cupcake that’s made of gold. The sweet it served on a gold plate, too. Your waiter will bring you the plate on a trolley made of gold, and if that’s not enough for you, the cupcake is on its very own stands made of — you guessed it — gold.

What’s inside the precious wrapping is just as impressive. A slew of organic and high-quality ingredients has been imported from all over the world at the request of Bloomsbury cupcake creator Shafeena Yusuff. In this way, the gold exterior only serves to remind diners how expensive and luxurious the ingredients inside the cupcake actually are. The bakery gets the finest vanilla beans from Uganda and delectable chocolate from Italy while purchasing organic flour from the United Kingdom. Despite all this, the dessert isn’t even the most expensive around. A restaurant in New York City sells an ice cream sundae with gold embellishments for $25,000.

For cupcake lovers who have just a bit less disposable income, Bloomsbury offers a variety of “luxurious” and “boutique” cupcakes, including a peanut butter and banana cake in homage to the late Elvis Presley and gluten-free, diabetic-friendly and vegan cupcakes to boot!

Of course, if you want to add a little glimmer to your world without eating it, you can always consider going the traditional route with jewelry. With charm bracelets making a strong comeback in recent years, you won’t go wrong if you pick out a charm in the shape of a cupcake. If bracelets aren’t your thing, you can add a little sparkle around your finger or neck for much less than what you’d pay for that cupcake. Plus, what’s sweeter than a gift for your sweetheart, even if she can’t sink her teeth into it?


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