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Should You Sell Your Old Engagement Ring?

Thinking about what do to with your old engagement ring? Calling it quits during an engagement or filing for divorce is never an easy thing to do. But is getting rid of your old engagement ring actually a symbol of strength? Why should you sell your old engagement ring? Sometimes things don’t work out the…
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How Much Money Can I Get For My Jewelry?

So you have an old piece of jewelry lying around. A piece that you don’t wear often. And you’re thinking you’d rather sell it and put the cash to good use. Maybe it could help you pay a bill or get your car fixed. But how much money can you really from your old jewelry?…
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Get Jewelers to Buy Your Old Jewelry

What sounds more fun, having a root canal, paying unwanted taxes, or selling your old jewelry for some extra cash? Now, of course, there’s not much of a choice in those scenarios but we know you picked selling your old jewelry. But most of the time there’s a lot of stress and frustration that comes…
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Can I Sell My Jewelry From Overseas?

No matter where you plan on selling to selling your jewelry from overseas can be a hassle if you don’t know what you’re doing. You’ve got to think about shipping, customs, and possibly getting scammed. Once you’ve decided you want to sell internationally and found a potential buyer – then you’ve got to make sure they’re…
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Sell Your Old Jewelry Pieces Without Getting Scammed

Thinking about how to sell your old jewelry for some extra cash? Learn how to sell your old pieces without getting scammed. In case this is your first time selling your old jewelry, we wanted to make sure that this process is as easy as possible for you. We also want to make sure that…
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How to Sell Your Antique Estate Jewelry

Looking to sell your old antique estate jewelry for some extra cash? Below is a guide to help you do just that. Whether you are looking to sell an old antique ring or a piece of inherited jewelry, you deserve to sell it for the very best price you can get. Before we get into…
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We Buy Your Old Jewelry

For those of you who are familiar with Raymond Lee Jewelers, you know that we sell a lot of luxury jewelry. But did you also know that we buy your old jewelry too? We do! And we’re looking for people like you to come in and sell it to us!  Sell to us If this…
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4 Benefits of Selling Your Old Rings and Necklaces

Selling your old rings and necklaces is easier than you think. It’s always a good time to sell your old rings and necklaces. But while the timing may be right, you may be asking yourself what good can come from selling them. Maybe they were passed down from generation to generation. Or maybe they’re some of…
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How to sell estate jewelry (antique and vintage) at the best price

Wondering how to sell expensive jewelry and inherited jewelry such as your grandma’s vintage fine estate jewelry? Look no further, Raymond Lee Jewelers is here to offer you CASH for estate jewelry, precious metals, silver/gold coins, diamonds, and everything (authentic) in between. We are your premiere estate jewelry buyers. If you are ready to start…
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Selling Your Luxury Jewelry

Looking to cash in your high-end luxury jewelry? You’ve come to the right place. Today we’re showing you how to sell your luxury jewelry and how to get the best price for it.  Educated Opinions & Appraisals Once you are able to understand the value of the luxury diamonds you have, you will be able…
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How To Sell My Watch Online (We Buy Used Watches)

If you have been wondering “how to sell my watch online”, just know that it is easy. However, there are a few important things to consider and steps you should take. Nonetheless, you are in luck because at Raymond Lee Jewelers, WE BUY USED WATCHES, and the process is simple. The purpose of this article is…
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How to Sell Your Old Jewelry For The Best Price

It’s always a good time to sell your old jewelry for some extra money. But while the timing may be right, selling your old jewelry can often cause you a major headache. You have to determine the value of your jewelry in order to determine how much you’re likely to get for it in return. …
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How to sell gold jewelry for cash

Gold is an amazing asset. You can buy it, wear it, enjoy it, and resell it at any time. It’s quite easy to know how to sell gold jewelry for cash. The purpose of this article is to give you the knowledge you’ll need to sell your gold jewelry at the best price with the…
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Top 5 Tips For Selling Your Unwanted Jewelry At The Best Price

When you need some extra cash and that unwanted jewelry is staring at you, you are likely asking yourself, “how can I sell my jewelry at the best price?”. You might be very attached to that piece of jewelry but you really need the cash for a big purchase on the horizon. Maybe it’s an…
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When is the Best Time to Sell My Unwanted Jewelry, Watches and Diamonds

When is the Best Time to Sell My Unwanted Jewelry, Watches and Diamonds Do you have diamond or gold jewelry you are thinking about selling? You may have inherited an extensive collection of premium watches? Or you have invested in diamond or gold jewelry over the years? Keep in mind that deciding on the most…
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