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Selling Gold in Boca Raton

It’s been said throughout blogs, newspapers, online, and in a variety of places that gold is worth a great deal of money. All of these people were telling the truth, as there definitely are huge profits to be had in selling gold. As long as a person is willing to take the time to dedicate…
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Is Rolex Seeking to Perfect Their Perfect Oyster Case Even More?

Rolex is well known to be the Rolls Royce of the fine watch genre. With their precision inner workings, sturdy case designed for an active lifestyle and eye-popping styles, it is no wonder Rolex is the choice of watch for the discerning modern man or woman of today. The Oyster Case is Signature Rolex Style…
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Selling Gold To Help With Holiday Expenses

The holidays are quickly approaching, and along with chilly weather, yummy food and visits from family comes extra expenses. Holiday expenses never seem to just include gifts either. There are decorations, food, and travel costs as you shuttle from party to party or even bigger travel expenses if you will be going long distances to…
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Michelle Obama Jewelry Designers

Kara Ross First Lady Michelle Obama has discovered a new accessories designer to adorn her with one of a kind jewelry. Kara Ross, a 20-year veteran of the jewelry business was called in for an interesting assignment last year. Ross said, “The Chief of Protocols’ office saw we did wood jewelry, and they wanted to…
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Cartier on Strike

Cartier’s flagship store has never before been subjected to a worker’s strike. However, on October 18, gem polishers employed by the store walked away from their jobs and started picketing the front of the store. This historic turn of events has turned heads and attracted not only the attention of Cartier customers but also of…
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Top 5 Tips for Selling Gold in Boca Raton

If you are looking to sell gold Boca Raton, there are a number of ways you can go about doing it. As the economy has been in flux over much of the past decade, so has the price of gold. But with bad economies or even unstable ones, the price of precious metals goes up…
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Saint Laurent Diamond Jewelry Launches

The elegant and powerful Hedi Slimane is launching a new line of stunning diamond jewelry for the Parisian luxury house Saint Laurent, aptly titled ‘Saint Laurent Diamond,’ Hedi Slimane’s latest jewelry collection features stunning designs in gold, set with brilliant-cut diamond paving. The jewelry line is hand crafted and primarily consists of bracelets and rings…
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Solid Gold Ray Ban Aviators

Ray-Ban and high-end fashion belong together. They always have. Now, the iconic sunglass brand once again knocks its outstanding reputation up another notch. Teardrop-shaped lenses? Check. Thin metal frame? Check. Double bridge and bayonet earpieces? Check. Polarized G-15 crystal lenses? Double check. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to meet the 18-karat gold Ray-Ban Aviator this…
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Will the Government Shut Down Affect the Price of Gold?

A government shut down isn’t something gold owners want to continue. The price of gold could be negatively impacted due to the shut down of the US government. The big concern investors have with all market investments right now is the risk that the US will not pull a budget together in time to avoid…
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The EU Lifts Zimbabwe Diamond Ban

The diamond is a beautiful gem. Its facets reflect the light in a myriad of sparkling showers encased in the depths of a substance harder than glass. When you look into a diamond you can be lost in the beauty of that paradox — so hard it takes another diamond to cut the facets, yet…
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Now is a Good Time to Sell Gold

If you’re looking to sell gold boca raton, now is a good time to do so. Gold prices have been going up regularly over the past few years since all of the economic trouble in the country began as that’s when gold prices usually go up. When economic crisis hits modern economies, people begin to…
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Diamond Selling and Diamond Trends

Visiting Boca Raton in Florida is more than just a tourist experience to enjoy hot weather and humid nights. There is a vibrant nightlife and fashion scene that exists and carries itself along with the exotic name of the area in Florida. Boca Raton has stood as a staple of exotic tastes built into the…
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Obama Extends Burmese Ruby Ban

Even though there are reports that the import sanctions on gemstones may be a thing of the past, President Obama has kept the ban on Burmese rubies, despite progress in the former Burma, now known as Republic of the Union of Myanmar. An executive order was signed by the President on Wednesday prohibiting the import…
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Man Leaves Behind a Fortune in Gold Coins

Not everyone makes the headlines when they pass away, but 69 year old Walter Samasko Jr. did. In May 2012 Walter passed away leaving behind more than $7 million dollars in gold coins. When anyone asks what kind of man Walter was the answer is not hard to give. He was a quiet mild mannered…
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Stefano Ricci diamond tie no joke, but is it jewelry?

It’s probably not a trend that’s going to sweep the country in any stellar way anytime soon, as even its designer admits. It’s also not, for men, what the “little black dress” is for women. Indeed, it may be more like the “bling” overdose experienced when a woman wearing jeans and flip flops out in…
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