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Top 5 Tips for Selling Gold in Boca Raton

If you are looking to sell gold Boca Raton, there are a number of ways you can go about doing it. As the economy has been in flux over much of the past decade, so has the price of gold. But with bad economies or even unstable ones, the price of precious metals goes up sharply in most cases, because it suddenly becomes the only reliable form of currency which can outlast any economic problems that might arise in a particular country and economy. In America, there has been a recent great recession and recovery that the entire nation has had to get out of and there is evidence that shows we may not be out of it quite yet, which makes this a good time to still try and sell your gold, as prices are still quite high. There are people who will buy gold everywhere but there are also a lot of gold buyers in Boca Raton who will give you a good deal for whatever piece of gold jewelry or just piece of gold you have in your possession, gathering dust in a drawer or safe. Below are some of the best options if you want to sell gold boca raton.

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First, Know the Quality of your Own Gold

 If you really want to have the advantage in the deal making process for selling your own gold to possible buyers, you need to find out how much gold you actually have and what quality it is when you walk in the buyer’s door. The first thing you should do is buy a test kit to see what type of gold you have. You can purchase these on Amazon or eBay among other places for around $30. Once you use it on your gold, you need to weigh the gold piece you plan on selling exactly and then figure out what the current price of gold is. You can do this with a kitchen scale for the most accurate weight reading, as long as you remember to remove the precious stones or other things that may be included in the piece of jewelry you plan on selling. When you have this base number in mind, now you are armed with the proper knowledge for taking it out and trying to get that price or more. Remember, gold value will fluctuate in short periods of time, so this is just a number to base everything off of when you go to sell. Also, most buyers will try to buy for less than the value you discover, because they will want to make a profit. Be prepared to sell for this lower number, but still shop around to see who gives you the best price.

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 Cash for Gold Locations

You have probably seen numerous cash for gold places who will give you cash on the spot for the piece of gold you want to sell. These places almost always will give you a much lower price than your gold is worth, but it is a good idea to go in and see what they offer, so you have a back up number. The more information you can present them with and show you know what you are talking about, the better deal they will probably give you after a large amount of haggling. Certain cash for gold locations are better than others so it may make sense to visit a few of them just to gather offers, even if you don’t plan on selling to them.

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Pawn Shops

While you won’t get a great deal at a pawn shop in most cases, you can sometimes get a steal on a piece of gold you are selling. Like the cash for gold places, pawn shops will offer low prices and immediately give you cash. However, unlike the cash for gold places, pawn shops have other forms of income out side of just the gold market, meaning they can be convinced to buy a piece of gold you are trying to sell and hold onto it, hoping the market goes up significantly in the future, making them even more money on their investment. They are definitely worth a shot.

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Find a Jeweler

Jewelers in Boca Raton will probably offer you a much better deal on pieces of gold, especially of they are pieces of jewelry that are mostly gold and also contain other stones. They will undoubtedly offer you less than the gold is worth as they want to sell the piece later and make a profit. However, if the gold is part of a larger piece of jewelry you may have more of a negotiating angle allowing you to get a much better price on it, as they will be able to sell it for more than just the gold value but also as a unique piece. There are a number of jewelers in the Boca Raton area, some who will offer you better deals than others. So it’s a good idea to visit a few different jewelers who buy gold and see what types of deals they will cut you.

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Find a Precious Metals Market

There are places where gold dealers go to try and find pieces of gold and other precious metals and this is an ideal place for a someone trying to sell their gold to the highest bidder. It may entail you setting up a booth of some kind at one of these markets to show off your wares, which means it may cost you some money and force you to have more than just one piece of jewelry to show to interested parties. So if you only have one thing to sell, this may not be worth it. But if you have a number of pieces, this is an ideal way to bring the gold dealers to you and possibly create a bidding war over some of your more valuable gold pieces. It will ultimately save you time and energy trying to sell each piece of gold in your possession and bring the buyers to you, which is exactly what you want as a seller.

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