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Vacheron Constantin Unveils New Patrimony Contemporaine Model

Vacheron Constantin Unveils New Patrimony Contemporaine Model

Famous watchmaker Vacheron Constantin has recently featured his newest creation from his Patrimony Contemporaine Collection: a watch that has the thinnest minute repeater out there on the market. Vacheron Constantin has a rich history of watches and this newest one took many years to develop. Known as the Caliber 731, the movement of the model is based on a watch that came before it known as the 1755 caliber, developed in 1992, which had a thickness of only 3.28 millimeters.

With a gold rim and white face, the Vacheron Constantin is about as classic as a luxury watch gets, with a small dial inside that can count the seconds like a stop watch. The new movement in the Caliber 731 model which was just released is 3.90 millimeters and is barely thicker than the 1755 model from two decades before. However, this new watch from Vacheron Constantine has a power reserve of 65 hours, which is much longer than the 1755 model from 20 years before, thanks to new technology that can create a battery that will last for a much longer amount of time. The name of this new movement is named after the brand’s founder Jean-Marc Vacheron, which is a tribute to the great master watch makers of the past and the general history of the Vacheron Constantin brand. While no official price for this remarkably thin watch has been announced, it has been rumored that it will be as much as 270,000 euros each, as only ten to fifteen of these watches are produced every year, making them as much collectors items as anything else.

In other words, this incredibly thin time piece is as much as one of the most expensive automobiles in the world… and should be treated in much the same way. If you can’t quite swing that hefty price tag, there are a number of other options in the patrimony collection, which is the newest line from vacheron constantin and the one that flaunts this ultra-thin Caliber 731 as it’s crown jewel. These watches have a timeless elegance that will show you have style and class, as well as enough wealth to truly care about your appearance.

You can purchase these fine watches all over the world. Fine jewelers sell Vacheron Constantin in California, Nevada and New York in a number of different locations. In Asia, there are even more places you can purchase Vacheron Constantin, like Singapore, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Chengou, Macau and New Delhi. In Europe it is most of the outposts around the smaller continent, like Paris, Moscow, London and Geneva, but also have luxury jewelry stores which sell their top notch watches in Lucerne, Istanbul and Kiev. Vacheron Constantin can also be found in the middle east, in the more cosmopolitan cities of Riyadh and Dubai. In other words, this worldwide brand can be found in most of the luxurious environments and cosmopolitan cities, allowing you invest in this expensive and fine time piece in many different places. However, it might be difficult to find the thinnest model of the watch that was just released. If you happen to and have the purchasing power to buy it, we recommend you do so.


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