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The world loves watches. There are thousands of watchmakers in the world, but there is only one Vacheron Constantin.The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle 14 day Tourbillon watch is nothing short of a classic. It is classy, stylish and high tech. It is the kind of watch that many watch lovers would love to own. However, supplies are limited. There have only been 50 of these watches made, and such limited editions may spark and increase interest in the Platine series and in the brand.

The demand for the watch is expected to be very high. However, the supply right now is very low and limited. The cost of the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle watch is going to be extremely valuable, according to the President and founder of Crown and Caliber in Atlanta. The limit supply of watches might be a marketing strategy. People always want what they cannot have and in this case, it is the newest Vacheron collection.

The watch is just one of Vacheron masterpieces. It is 42.5 in diameter, with a 950 platinum case. It is highly decorated with a circular cut diamond, a beautiful translucent enamel opalescent coating, and the cities that represent the countries are hand graven. The watch displays partial and full time zones. The watch can keep the precise time of 37 unique time zones in different parts of the world. The crown or top of the watch is used to make adjustments or changes.

The tourbillon is a French word meaning whirlwind. It was originally invented in 1801. The watch has a 14 day power reserve and four barrels. It is just one of the many talents of Swiss watch making that Vacheron does so well. The watch is nothing short of a great creation and brilliant design. It is a true work of art that cannot be hidden away.

The Tourbillon is created using some 231 unique parts. The fact that it is encased in pure platinum makes this watch an expensive time piece. It is hand wound for accuracy and it has very small second hands on the face plate, at the six o’clock position. All the functions and details of the watch are visible on the front dial. The 14 day reserve is broken up into two (12) hour reserves, for easy reading. The watch clasp displays work and designs by Maltese Cross and the motif Cotes de Genève.

The bar of the Tourbillon took renowned watchmakers of Vacheron Constantin more than 11 hours to perfect. The Tourbillon is a timeless masterpiece with exquisite designs, enhanced movements and noticeable features. No other watch designer could have done a better job, at perfecting and design the Tourbillon. It is a real work of art, and the making of a true genius.

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