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Sydney Evan Jewels is Surprise Winner of Lauren Conrad Engagement Pic

Sydney Evan Jewels is Surprise Winner of Lauren Conrad Engagement Pic

It wasn’t the greatest moment in jewelry or the largest, most impressive rock ever bestowed on a bride-to-be, but a weekend proposal was still a pretty big deal to Lauren Conrad.

The 27-year-old former star of “The Hills” is now rocking a lovely, shiny engagement ring presented to her by William Tell, her main squeeze since 2012.

Conrad wasted no time in telling everyone the big news about her “best surprise ever,” a pleasant task that newly minted fiancées have been doing for years.

Except in this case, the special people on her “must share right away, look at my new ring! Squeee!” list weren’t just family and close friends, but an extended family of sorts who eagerly follow the actress’ adventures on social media.

This included the Instagram part of the fan base, who likely squealed just as loud at a close-up of Lauren’s hand that’s now sporting a lovely diamond ring on her ring finger, next to a nice gold and Pave diamond “Love” ring on her middle finger.

Her post of the announcement drew more than 317,500 likes, and 7,500 comments, and was only the beginning of the announcement’s reach. Info about Conrad and Tell’s engagement soon began hitting all sorts of blogs, celebrity sites, and even feature/society sections of newspaper sites.

Some sectors of the Internet are still abuzz with speculation about the make and model of Conrad’s engagement diamond and setting – so far the consensus is that it’s a classic four-prong solitaire with a yellow gold or platinum band, possibly 3 carats.

The exact details may remain a mystery a little longer, but much more is known about the adjacent “Love” ring.

Sydney Evan Jewels took the initiative to send out its own press release Monday morning sharing that this ring is available in 14k yellow, rose, or white gold, or black rhodium, and retails for about $860. A matching line of “Love” necklaces and earrings is also available for those wanting to accessorize.

There are also variations on the ring – the text is the same, but you can buy it without the diamonds and with different types of gold. We also learn that Rihanna, Halle Berry, and Bar Refaeli also have purchased a similar ring.

The unexpected bump in interest over the weekend provided excellent supplemental info to customers who are already getting excited for the Tell-Conrad nuptials, and seemed to work out well for Sydney Evan. Its official site experienced a higher traffic load Monday. Visitors received a message much of the day that it was trying to upgrade its servers as fast as possible and thanked visitors for their patience.

By Monday evening, the site was back to normal telling people about its collections, retailers who carry it, the company’s special style and an impressive list of other celebrities who have worn Sydney Evan Jewels, everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Ashton Kutcher, from Natalie Portman to Mila Kunis.

So what is considered the biggest, best engagement ring around? Jewelry fans say it’s on the finger of the former Kate Middleton – Prince William presented her his mother’s 18ct. sapphire and diamond engagement ring.


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