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Stefano Ricci diamond tie no joke, but is it jewelry?

It’s probably not a trend that’s going to sweep the country in any stellar way anytime soon, as even its designer admits. It’s also not, for men, what the “little black dress” is for women. Indeed, it may be more like the “bling” overdose experienced when a woman wearing jeans and flip flops out in…
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Timezone.com: "Lower Prices for Luxury Watches!"

Can you imagine knowing luxury watches from the time you were a child? Richard Paige has; he is a 4th generation watchmaker and retail jeweler. He collects watches, loves watches, and lately has lamented the high price of luxury watches in his blog. You see, he has the big-picture view on high-end watches because he’s…
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Place of Hope Hope Bash 2013

We had the most incredible time at this year’s 2013 Hope Bash and we were so honored to be this year’s exclusive jewelry sponsor. The event was a gorgeous evening supporting a fabulous cause. Over 600 supporters of Place of Hope gathered at PGA National Resort & Spa. Executive Director Charles Bender credited the record-setting…
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Announcing Our Latest Giveaway: Mother’s Day 2013 Contest!

Earlier today we might have been joking about free diamonds, but we’re 100% serious now! Mother’s Day 2013 is quickly approaching (May 12th) and to celebrate the amazing women in all of our lives, we’re holding a Mother’s Day Contest: Tell us why the lady in your life is a “gem” and she could win…
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Raymond Lee Jewelers Sponsoring Place of Hope’s 2013 Hope Bash!

Happy Friday, readers! You know we love to get into some fashion fun at the end of every week, and today we’re putting a different twist on it. What’s better than denim? Denim with diamonds, of course. And we’re ready to break out our favorite pair of blues for a cause close to our hearts:…
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How to Sell Antique Jewelry – Sell Jewelry Boca Raton

If you have estate or antique jewelry and have interest in selling you have multiple approaches available. No matter which of the avenues you choose you should start by getting it appraised from a trusted source.   You will find two types of buyers for antique jewelry, collectors and resellers. Collectors may be willing to…
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How to Sell Vintage Jewelry – Sell Jewelry Boca Raton

If you are a jewelry lover, you probably find yourself picking up pieces here and there that simply do not work with your style or do not fit. This is especially common if you buy vintage jewelry from yard sales, consignment stores or online. So, if you find that this is the case for you,…
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Why You Shouldn't Sell Gold Today – Sell Gold Boca Raton

One of the fronts of investing that many people have entered over the past few years is that of gold. Gold buying and selling is generally considered a relatively safe type of investment, especially for those who are interested in the long-term possibilities. One of the best things about this investment is that nearly anyone…
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Is Now a Good Time to Sell Gold Boca Raton?

The days of getting an allowance from mom and dad are over, but you can still make some quick cash with little effort. Many people sell gold Boca Raton, and this is easier than doing chores or finishing your homework. If you are between jobs, need money for school or want to improve your retirement…
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Why Buying Diamonds on the Street is Never a Good Idea – Sell Diamonds Boca Raton

Maybe it’s their good nature. Perhaps it is their willingness to help. It could even be the fact that they want to believe the best in people. Then again maybe they are either greedy or just not thinking. We see stories pretty regularly about people being scammed out of thousands of dollars for buying into…
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Ferrari Hublot Partnership Strengthens Further

Fine precision automobiles and fine precision timepieces have been married in marketing for decades. Hublot has taken advantage of this symbiotic relationship between watches and cars by teaming up in the past with Italian automaker Ferrari. Not a bad partner. The first year of the relationship with the Scuderia Formula 1 team has proven to…
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Diamonds in the Sky: White Dwarf Stars

Stars—like diamonds in the sky? Well actually, yes, Rihanna. A recent discovery has shown that the core inside white dwarf stars may actually be made of diamonds. One of these “space jewels” was discovered around 50 light-years away. This diamond star has been named Lucy—after the Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” This…
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Holler Creates Jay-Z Watches

Holler watch brand has recently revealed two new watch designs that feature artwork that is based on album covers from the music world’s popular Jay-Z. If we have lost some of you “old timers” out there, not to worry.   Jay-Z is a rapper, and Holler watches is a watch company that designs watches for…
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Don’t You Hate it When your Diamond Jewelry Won’t Fit in the Box?

There is nothing like looking in your jewelry box and seeing a large, shiny diamond ring, is there? Well, maybe if you had a diamond ring that was so big it would not fit in your standard sized jewelry box! Bernie Robbins, a Philadelphia jeweler, recently sold a ring that had a 30 carat diamond!…
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Raymond Lee Jewelers Engagement Ring Giveaway Celebrating the Month of Love

February is upon us! And it’s one of our most favorite times of the year – we’re busy exhibiting at some of the nation’s top antique jewelry shows, the showroom is abuzz with customers shopping for trinkets for their Valentines, and Cupid has us working overtime. This special time of year brings eager, savvy gents…
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