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Holler Creates Jay-Z Watches

Holler Creates Jay-Z Watches

Holler watch brand has recently revealed two new watch designs that feature artwork that is based on album covers from the music world’s popular Jay-Z. If we have lost some of you “old timers” out there, not to worry.


Jay-Z is a rapper, and Holler watches is a watch company that designs watches for the urban set. They mostly feature designs from album covers of performers from the hip hop, rap and soul music world. If you are still feeling a little lost, think Clarence Carter in the middle of a watch dial with a big head and hands that point to the hour of the day. Feeling better? I am.

The Jay-Z Holler watch belongs to a collection called Crazies. The collection uses vibrant, interesting album covers to inspire the designs of their watches. Although not high-end precision timepieces, they are gaining in popularity, especially with young urbanites. Most of them are priced less than $200 each.

The chunky watches are designed for men and women. The Holler company also sells other products such as t-shirts and iPad covers.

Holler is on the road exhibiting with the watches, and have hit a jewelry show in Birmingham recently. Along with the two Jay-Z watches are new watches from the Mike Tyson collection. They are also showing a new line of watches that look like record players. Remember those things? If you remember Clarence Carter, you probably do. They are complete with little needles as second hands. That’s just plain crazy.

We will be waiting to see what inspires the next watch in the Holler Crazies collection.

Rebecca M for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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