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An engagement ring showcased behind a scenic background.

Sharing Engagement Rings on Social Media

If and your fiancé just got and engaged and you want to share a creative photograph of your engagement ring on social media, you can find beauty in the simple things around you! After finding the right time after your big moment, you will probably want to capture your engagement ring in a memorable photo.…
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Watch Conditions that Fetch Top Dollar

You’ve checked the couch cushions, and you even did an extra load of laundry in hopes of hitting a dryer “windfall,” but you are still short the money you need for that pesky utility bill. We all fall behind on our obligations, and when that happens we have to make hard choices in order to…
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SIHH 2014’s Watch Trends Promise Quality and Affordability

2014 has promised to be an interesting and inventive year for those looking to invest in a watch. One major watch event, called the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie or SIHH, takes place in January every year and debuts the freshest changes in watch-making. Whether you’re looking for a brand new watch for yourself…
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Verragio Engagement Rings in Boca Raton!

That’s right, readers. Raymond Lee Jewelers is now proud to be a premiere authorized boutique for Verragio engagement rings in Boca Raton! While we’ll still carry a variety of antique engagement rings, vintage engagement rings, custom engagement rings, and estate designer engagement rings, we’re proud to now offer the practically endless options of the Verragio line.…
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A Complete Guide to Selling Luxury Watches in Boca Raton

A complete guide to selling luxury watches in Boca Raton. The market is large and the money is waiting for sellers and buyers in the Boca Raton area. Sun surf and an appreciation of the finer things is the signature of the Boca Raton watch buying market. Fine pieces are purchased by buyer’s everyday at…
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Selling Diamonds in Boca Raton

There is a reason why cats like shiny things: shiny things are cool. The same can be said for people’s attraction to diamonds. Whether it’s the savvy marketing campaign that has positioned the diamond as the quintessential indicator of undying love, or the opulence that is associated with the gemstone, diamonds have seized our popular…
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Jade, Gems, and Gemology: How to Value Your Fine Jewelry

While it is well known that gold is used to finance empires and that a diamond is a girl’s best friend, but what is the value of all the other treasures hiding stashed inside your grandma’s jewelry box? The precious jewels and stones that don’t glitter like gold or sparkle like diamonds are still worth…
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How Much is A Watch Worth?

Buying a luxury watch often involves feeling of success, accomplishment, even tinged feelings finding a treasure long sought after. That said, life is full of changes and seasons. Rarely do things stay constant decade after decade. And, sometimes a luxury watch then becomes more than a personal belonging, it becomes an investment. However, understanding just…
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How to Sell Jewelry in Boca Raton

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and people selling their jewelry are generally attempting to unload silver or gold, in reality there are many precious gemstones and metals that are also ripe for selling on the secondary market. If you have already cleaned out your jewelry box of all the gold, silver, and diamonds…
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IWC Watches Boca Raton

Today we’re showing off one of the IWC watches Boca Raton can’t get enough of – the Big Pilot IW5004-01 in stainless steel and black. The International Watch Company traces its roots back to the late 19th century, giving it all the prestige of a long-storied luxury watch manufacture. however, IWC has the distinction of…
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How to Find A Watch Repair Workshop: Watch Repair Boca Raton

Watches are more than just a way to tell time, most of people have a smartphone in their pocket that can do that. No, watches are a fashion statement, a status symbol and something that people enjoy putting on in the morning because it makes them feel good. Because of this, taking care of your…
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Raymond Lee Jewelers Holiday Hours

If you need last minute Christmas gifts, Raymond Lee Jewelers has you covered. In additional to our normal hours, we’ll be open on Sunday, December 23rd from 11am – 5pm. We’ll also be open on Monday, December 24th during our regular store hours, from 10am – 6pm. We will be closed Christmas Day though, so…
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Turquoise, a Great Gift Option This Winter

Jewelry is one of the best ways to show a loved one that you care. Personalized jewelry is an unsurpassed gift that the recipient will truly relish for years to come. December babies have a leg up on the rest of society this winter: Turquoise, one of the recognized December birth stones, is unbelievably fashionable…
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More Shoppers are Buying Jewelry for the Holiday Season

By now, you’ve probably noticed that the usual mall stores are running nearly the same ads on TV enticing buyers to flock into their stores this holiday season. According to an article on Nationaljeweler.com, “Twenty-two percent of consumers say jewelry is on their shopping lists this holiday season, the highest amount since 2007, the National…
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Collateral Loans for the Holiday Season

While the economy is slowly improving as a whole, this may not be true on an individual basis. Some people are fully prepared for the holiday season, but others can use some extra help. A collateral loan may be that extra financial help you need to get you through the holiday season. How can a…
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