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Watch Conditions that Fetch Top Dollar

Watch Conditions that Fetch Top Dollar

You’ve checked the couch cushions, and you even did an extra load of laundry in hopes of hitting a dryer “windfall,” but you are still short the money you need for that pesky utility bill. We all fall behind on our obligations, and when that happens we have to make hard choices in order to raise the necessary funds. If you are behind and you are thinking about parting with that heirloom family watch, you can at least be mollified that watches on the secondary market can fetch a considerable sum however, you should be aware of which factors will impact any monetary offer for the time piece.

Jaeger LeCoultre Lady Reverso

The Importance of an Appraisal

A professional appraisal of your time piece will reveal any flaws that are existent in the watch, and will help guide you in the decision making process as to what you might reasonably expect from your efforts to sell your watch.

A great number of factors go into the pricing of a watch, on the secondary market, and many of those factors are quite out of your control to influence. For instance, certain brands not only hold their value, but actually can be worth much more than their original retail asking price. Additionally, the value of any watch that you are offering for sale is, in many ways, conditional on the fashion peccadilloes of current consumer tastes.

Important Conditions

If you have ever sold a car, than you know that age and condition of your offering is the largest determinate as to how much money you will walk off the lot with in your wallet. These same factors hold true when selling your watch. Obviously, the better condition of the watch, the higher will be the offer to take it off your hands.

Some of the factors that will go into valuating your watch include:

Brand and Model—you can safely assume that your average Rolex is going to fetch more than that “Swatch” you found lurking at the back of your drawer next to that mood ring.
Condition—nicks, bumps, scratches, and dents can all lower the offering price on a time piece you are hoping to sell. Additionally, replacement parts can also have a negative effect on the item’s value.
Rarity—vintage watches and limited addition newer watches have the effect of boosting the value of watches on the secondary market.
Provenance—the original box and papers that came with the watch can add hundreds of dollars to a final asking price.

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