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Sharing Engagement Rings on Social Media

Sharing Engagement Rings on Social Media

An engagement ring showcased behind a scenic background.

If and your fiancé just got and engaged and you want to share a creative photograph of your engagement ring on social media, you can find beauty in the simple things around you! After finding the right time after your big moment, you will probably want to capture your engagement ring in a memorable photo. This is a time to show your personality and relationship in a photograph. This photo will make for a long-lasting memory in time. You’re going to want to share these photos with family and friends, so choose locations and accessories that show what makes you two unique. Here are a few great ways to celebrate and photograph your Raymond Lee Jewelers ring.

Getting the Right Angle of Your Ring

If you are posting a photo of your engagement ring on your social media account or sending to loved ones, placement and lighting is everything. When you are sharing a photo, it’s nice to show the detail and care that were put into the ring as well as the proposal.

You might be wondering how you should hold or place your hand in a photo of your engagement ring. Just remember that it’s all about the angles. You can hold your hand upward and get a front facing photo, tuck your fingers lightly into your palm, or you can hold the ring in your fingers or palms. Using a prop to hold your ring such as flowers, books, or even a ring box is another classic choice. Just make sure that you are showing your personality and love in the photo. Do it how you want to do it!

Sharing a Ring on Social Media

An engagement wedding ring showcased behind a scenic background.


Scenic Ring

It’s always a classic choice to create a scene in the location where you met, celebrated an anniversary, or the place where you got engaged. Whether you are on a beautiful mountaintop, in an elegant museum, or the beaches of Boca Raton, you can hold your hand in front of the view however you would like. The scenery behind you with your ring held high will make a gorgeous photo to share with the world.

An engagement wedding ring showcased behind a scenic background.


Holiday Ring

You might be showcasing your ring during the holidays, and there are different ways to display your jewelry by using the scenery all around you at that time of year. Lights, candles, and other elegant decorations are always a gorgeous backdrop for an engagement ring. Additionally, putting the ring next to a prop will always make it sparkle.

An emerald colored engagement wedding ring behind holiday decorations.


Using your Surroundings

Taking a photo of your engagement ring outdoors in natural lighting is an excellent choice. Make sure you capture what is around you such as the colors, the scenery, or the lighting at the time of day. A sunset photo is a gorgeous choice, as well as the blue sky, behind a green tree, or even a foggy day. If you can see the ring and the cut clearly, you’ll get a memorable photo that will capture your style and personality.

An engagement ring behind a palm tree.


“I Said Yes”

“I said yes” engagement ring photos are very popular. These types of photos are popular and are a cute way to share your engagement with others on social media.  Make it your own and be as creative as you can. If you said yes in a particular place or there is a background to your story, use it in your photo! You can also share a little history behind your “I said yes” photo in a caption below the picture.

An engagement ring with I said yes in the background.


Nails and a Ring

A simple but elegant way to share a photo of your engagement ring is to show off your nails. If you want to show off a pretty manicure in a tasteful color, it will make your ring shine even brighter. Take a moment to freshen up your nails if you haven’t gotten a chance to do so. You can get a great up-close shot of your nails and your new ring!

Painted pink nails holding an engagement ring.

Pets Making the Picture

If you are an animal lover, you may want to include your pet in your engagement photo! It’s always a cute way to reveal your big news with your favorite furry friend. You are sharing a special moment in time with the world, so why not show your pet alongside your engagement ring? They are along for the ride too.

Photograph of a dog with an engagement wedding ring


Flowers and Colors

Placing an engagement or wedding ring near a flower may seem common. However, the right choice in flower color and texture can make your ring pop in any photo. Deep red colors work well because they don’t tend to clash with most rings. However, if you receive an emerald or other colored diamond, using a white flower may be best for your photograph.

An engagement wedding ring laid on a rose


You can always showcase your engagement ring with bright, eccentric colors if that is more your taste.  However, you don’t want to take too much away from the ring in the photo. Try to avoid clashing of colors or having too much going on in the background. You can always use a prop or art piece you like behind the ring to give it a unique look.

An engagement ring with a funky colored style of colors.


The Box

Showcasing your engagement ring in the box it came in, or a vintage ring box is a classic way to share your ring off the finger. The velvet inside of the box will brighten the colors in your ring. It will also provide a nice keepsake photo of the ring holder that changed your life!

An engagement wedding ring in a box.


Lighting is Important

White lights are an excellent choice to have in your big engagement ring photo. You can hold your hand up toward the lights with the ring on, or place the ring on a table with white lights surrounding the ring. If you plan on having a theme for your wedding with white string lights, this will give guests a taste of what is to come!

An hand with an engagement ring behind a string of white lights.


Sharing the Love

If you and your partner have already chosen rings, why not show off both in your social media photo? The pairing of the two rings will show the commitment you are making. It also makes it about both people in the relationship, not just the bride.

A photo of a couple's wedding rings.

Hashtags and Captions

After you have created the photo you would like to share on social media; it’s always nice to use a caption and hashtags. It’s not necessary to do either, but many soon-to-be brides like to share in writing how they are feeling.  Using hashtags also allows to that find your wedding hashtag and see photos as the engagement progresses.

Other Ideas

There are other engagement ring photo ideas you could use, including:

  • On top of the daily newspaper next to the date
  • Leaving handprints in the sand with the ring placed on the ring finger
  • On top of piano keys
  • Using Scrabble pieces to spell “I love you” with your engagement ring used as the ”o”.



All of the rings in these photos can be purchased through Raymond Lee Jewelers. You can purchase a ring that has already been designed, or you can create a custom piece with your ideal design.



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