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Benefits of Purchasing Pre-owned Rolex Wristwatches

Benefits of Purchasing Pre-owned Rolex Wristwatches

According to a statement released by Rolex, “[Rolex watches are] the leading name in luxury watches. Rolex has been the pre-eminent symbol of performance and prestige for over a century.” Business Week nearly always features Rolex on it’s popular annual list of the 100 best global brands – and most recently, while the US economy has been in a slump, Rolex rolled out a marketing plan to prepare the company for long term innovation, growth, and prestige.

Purchasing a well maintained, fairly-priced pre-owned Rolex from trusted Rolex brokers like Raymond Lee Jewelers is not only indulging in a fantastic fashion statement, but truly making an investment in your future. Timepieces produced by Rolex hold their value better than most other brands, and the resale value should be similar or better than what you paid, some styles with yearly appreciation of 10% or better. Raymond Lee Jewelers has the best selection of pre-owned Rolex in South Florida.

Rolex offers an air of prestige to its owner, one that is noticed by friends, family and coworkers. Everyone wants to flaunt their luxurious assets and taste once in a while, and a top-notch time piece is a great way to make a statement.

Rolex also offers an unsurpassed quality that most watch-makers have yet to achieve. Most Rolex timepieces maintain their new and “like-new” appearances for the life of the watch with a little bit of care, and because of the technology, quality of materials, craftsmanship, and design—over 90% of all Rolex watches made are still in existence.

Rolex, a company that designed the wristwatch in 1905 and waterproofed it years later, is one of the most innovative Swiss watch companies to date, with one of the most philanthropic profit sharing systems in the world. Investing in a pre-owned Rolex will surely be lighter on the wallet than purchasing new, but offer you the prestige, luxury, and quality of sporting a Rolex. The investment will surely pay off in the long run.


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