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Our Boca Jewelry stores – Where You Can Sell Gold, Find Diamond Buyers & Upgrade Your Luxury Watch

Our Boca Jewelry stores – Where You Can Sell Gold, Find Diamond Buyers & Upgrade Your Luxury Watch

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Two words that are almost synonymous in the luxury lifestyle are Boca Jewelry. A city of renown and impressively refined location Boca is known as the place to go when it comes to jewelry. Now it may seem that the sunny spot in South Florida is only for when you are looking to purchase. Making your collection wider and more comprehensive. However that could not be further from the truth! You can sell gold jewelry easily in Boca. As well as find diamond buyers and jewelry places that buy jewelry from designer brands. Jewelers that buy jewelry also tend to deal in luxury and fine watches like Rolexes, and other Swiss brands. So if you have an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore stainless steel watch you are trying to sell Boca Raton, Florida is the place to go. But, how do you know where to go once you are there? 

woman's hand showcasing sell gold jewelry

Who do you trust when it comes to selling these luxury goods? You want to get a fair price and most of all you do not want a hassle. There is a secret that we will tell you about making these sales and finding diamond and jewelry buyers. At any of our Diamonds by Raymond Lee locations you can have a relaxed, private and safe sale experience! Our experts that work with you are jewelers that buy jewelry from some of the top brands in the world. Their experience with the process and deep knowledge means that you are in good hands. Whether you want to sell estate, designer or gold jewelry, diamonds, watches or even handbags we can help. Our acquisition team can schedule a private chat with you to respectfully go through the items you would like to let go of. They can also help you upgrade yours.

Selling your luxury, designer, and estate jewelry 

When it comes to doing a big sale like your jewelry there is some important knowledge to know. Beyond choosing a trustworthy diamond and jewelry buyer (more on that later on) you can also do some prep before you have a chat. Here are some tips on what to do before you sell jewelry:

  1. Make sure you are ready to sell the piece – there is nothing worse than the remorse that goes with letting go of something you then wish you had kept. That is why the first tip is all about making sure you are ready to let go of the jewelry item before you decide to sell.
  2. Do some research – like anything in life it is better to know what you are getting yourself into before jumping in. We recommend reading up on the process of selling jewelry, diamonds and gold (which if you are here then you already are, good on you!). 
  3. Do some more research – if you have already done the first two tips then you are well on your way to getting some cash for your luxury goods. Now the last tip is the most important. Before you run over somewhere to make a sale make sure you have researched the jeweler! 
jewelry store that buys jewelry glass case

With over thirty years of experience in the luxury business we know there are some less than optimal places. We have always held our customers as our number one priority and operate on a basis of trust, mutual respect and our promise of quality. As a family business it is important to us to make our community better and do everything in our power to keep improving. With us you can trust that you will have a great experience! We are your partners when it comes to selling gold jewelry, diamonds and watches.

Jewelry places that buy jewelry

As your partners we provide you with concrete answers. We are here to sit and chat with you about your pieces that you may not want to keep anymore, and when you are ready – and only when you are ready – we are here to help. With expert advice and concrete answers about your jewelry’s value you can also rely on us for some sound counsel about when it’s time to sell jewelry. We want you to get the best value for your pieces and glean as much information about the process too. That way it is even easier for you the next time. You know the place and you know the process. Now it is just about having an ice cold local craft brew or some of our best champagne and discussing your options – your way. Beyond the actual mechanics of the sale it also matters who you deal with.

showing diamond jewelry where we sell gold

Knowing your jeweler and their track record can help give you some peace of mind. Particularly when it comes to having a mutual agreement on the price and time of sale. Through patient care and superior service we have built up a reputation in South Florida as jewelry and diamond buyers that you can trust.

Jewelers that buy jewelry 

Our acquisitions team is experienced and knows the tools and information you need to sell your jewelery. Your partners and here to make sure that your experience is excellent from start to finish we are here to 

  • Listen to you 
  • Evaluate your jewelry to sell
  • Help you make an informed decision

As you build your collection it will change and you may not always still love some pieces. That is totally normal and natural. That is why we buy diamonds and jewelry. In our business moving jewelry and gemstones is just part of the day to day. However for individuals it can be quite difficult and even worrisome. With a trusted partner though you can feel confident in your sales. In a safe and discreet space we promise to have a respectful conversation with you about your jewelry before getting to an agreement. We will help you understand the valuation of your piece and offer you the best price.

Finding diamond buyers – how to sell your loose diamonds

When it comes to selling loose diamonds you may be at a loss as to where you can go. After all it is not every day nor every which way that you can sell loose diamonds and gemstones. This is why finding diamond buyers can be a bit of a struggle. However as we have discussed above our family has been in the gemstone and jewelry business for a long time! We are experienced and knowledgeable ready to assist you. Our connections with a wide network of dealers, buyers and jewelers means that we can get you money for your loose diamonds much easier than if you try on your own. With our store’s liquidity and experience we are ready to analyse your stones and offer you a price.

It is all about making sure you know every step of the process. Having one of our diamond experts discuss your loose diamond’s value with you before getting a diamond buyer means that you can be confident in your sale. It is safe, discreet and private at our showrooms. Your business and your choices whether to sell or not remain between us.

diamond balanced on hand at jewelry store that buys jewelry

How to sell gold jewelry for cash

We pay top dollar when it comes to buying gold jewelry, diamonds, handbags and watches. If you are wondering how to sell gold jewelry you will be happy to know that all it involves is coming down to one of our two conveniently located showrooms in Boca Raton. Accessible from anywhere in sunny South Florida we can chat with you about your jewelry that you are ready to sell. We promise to be discreet while still also offering you clear and concrete information regarding your jewelry pieces. You have the final say but we are ready to offer you cash for your jewelry. Our business is centred around high ticket items like diamonds, jewelry and luxury watches. This means we have the liquidity to make purchases of these items as well!

Our showrooms are a safe place to discuss your items and know that you can get a fair price for your goods. We keep our family’s tradition of community and fairness in everything that we do. Particularly when it comes to the sensitive subject of when someone is ready to sell jewelry that they are no longer interested in keeping.

Selling luxury watches

sell luxury goods

When it comes to selling luxury watches we are interested in all kinds of pieces. Our collection includes pieces from some of the world’s best brands. The acquisitions team at Diamonds by Raymond Lee have purchased watches like Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet from a series of collectors. From the vintage pieces that are hard to find to limited editions that barely ever come by on the market we have experience with them all. Even diamond studded iced out pieces that are truly one of a kind. Whether they are men’s or ladies watch collections we have brought together unique designer brands for the last thirty years. Most of the watches that we purchase are not your average time piece. However if you have a classic iconic model from one of the world’s leading brands let us know! We are always interested in checking out new pieces. 

You can even look into upgrading the piece that you are ready to say goodbye to for one that is new to you. Our men’s watches on sale can be the one that you turn to next to update your collection and your style. Particularly with some of the ground breaking Horus watch straps that we offer. These can be worn and used with almost all of the luxury watch brands in the market. They give you an option to play a bit with your bracelets and bring some fun colors and change to your luxury watch. A sportive and totally ergonomic strap Horus has crafted luxury rubber straps that securely swap on and off with your case. So if you want to go off shore with your AP Royal Oak Offshore for example now you can. Ask one of our luxury watch experts for more information.

jewelers that buy jewelry comparing diamond bands

Diamonds by Raymond Lee locations to sell your luxury jewelry, watches, diamonds, handbags 

For all of your luxury jewelry and diamond sale needs we are here for you. At our two convenient locations in East and West Boca Raton you can sit with an expert and bring in change. Whether you are looking to upgrade your luxury watch or let go of designer, estate or vintage jewelry we are here to help. For the last three decades we have been involved in the business of offering you superior service for your luxury jewelry needs. Our widely curated collection of fine vintage and estate goods come from our refined customers like you. Who for decades have trusted us with their diamonds and jewelry. Whether it is for a piece that they no longer want to keep or to find a special piece unlike any other. We know the history and we know the quality. It is how we keep bringing you the best service.

For a trust worthy and calm experience visit us. Our two expertly designed showrooms are set up for your comfort. We have private meeting rooms to check and discuss your jewelry collection. As well as our open show room floor where you can find a wide variety of jewelry pieces. The luxury life style is all about refinement and exclusivity. Something our family has been in the business of maintaining. In our South Florida community we are focused on giving back, creating unique opportunities and of course elevating fine jewelry and watches. From the cars and accessories all the way to the finer details. It is what we are all about. 

jewelry and diamond buyers in boca raton

Come visit us at any of our stores for a chat about your luxury jewelry and watches. 

East Boca Location: 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Hours: Monday-Friday  11am-7pm | Saturday  10am-5pm | Sunday 12pm-5pm

Phone: (561) 623-8205

West Boca Location: 22191 Powerline Road #12b, Boca Raton, FL 33433

Hours: Monday-Friday  10am-6pm | Saturday  10am-5pm | Sunday Closed 

Phone: (561) 750-7808Email: info@diamondsbyraymondlee.com


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