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How Much Does a One Carat Diamond Cost?

How Much Does a One Carat Diamond Cost?

One of the most frequent questions we get on our Facebook page is “How much would this cost with a __ carat diamond?” It’s usually in reference to one of our s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g Verragio, Uneek, or Gabriel & Co. engagement ring mountings, all of which are set with cubic zirconia until they are purchased. Though occasionally we’ll field the same question on photos of our own beautiful designs, and the asker is looking for something in a different size.


We like to stress that all of these rings are totally customizable, and if it’s one of our own designs we can re-create it with the perfect center stone for any buyer – be it a diamond or a different center stone. And we’re always happy to share the price of our designer mountings (they’re all available for online purchase, anyway, so we’re not here to be coy.) But when we’re asked to determine the price of a ring with a specific carat center stone, we can’t tell you. Here’s why.

Diamond prices are based on a variety of factors, most specifically their characteristics, and their grades. These characteristics are called the 4 C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. A diamond’s price is based on how they combine, and cut is only a portion of that pricing structure. Diamonds are also priced based on their shape.

1 Carat Princess Cut Pink Diamond Ring 18k White Gold with GLS

So a one carat diamond could cost $7,800 – if it’s a D color round brilliant, VS1 clarity with excellent cut and graded by the GIA. Or it could cost $4,000 if it’s a pear shaped, D color, SI2 clarity graded by GIA. It depends on how you use the 4 C’s to maximize your budget.

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What we recommend is searching for your center stone first. It’s very easy to do this online, using our searchable diamond database. Here, you can specify what type of diamond you want based on shape, color, clarity, carat weight and/or your budget. From there, you can compare diamonds, or save your favorites. If you’re local, you can come to the store and compare your favorites in person. If you’re shopping long distance, you can call, e-mail or message us and we’ll send you pictures of the stones you want to compare. Once you’ve got the perfect diamond in mind, you can choose the setting you want, and depending on the designer, your ring will be ready in a few days or a few weeks.

Vintage Style 1 carat engagement ring

So, how much does a one carat diamond cost? It depends! It’s not a definitive answer, and we know that’s frustrating, but diamonds are nuanced. And something so special demands your attention to all its sparkling details. We’re here to help, and make the process easy. And by the time you’ve chosen your perfect one carat diamond, you’ll know the cost (and the time spent shopping!) was worth every penny.


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