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The 4 C’s Explained: Diamond Color Grades

The 4 C’s Explained: Diamond Color Grades

Diamond Color Grades

This  web series will focus intently on diamond characteristics, those famous four C’s. Each week, we’ll share an in depth video discussing Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat and how these factors are determined, and how they affect the price of a diamond. This week, we’re discussing Diamond Color Grades.

Diamond color grades are one of the trickiest characteristics to spot. Typically, only a gemologist can spot the differences between individual diamond color grades, and even then it’s in a highly controlled environment. So, to the average customer, exactly what does diamond color mean? This video explains what a diamond color grade is, what it means, and how it affects the price of a diamond.

Thanks for watching this week as we shared our take on diamond color definitions. Remember that you can always call or e-mail us with your questions about buying or selling diamonds, the grades on your diamond’s appraisal, or any general questions about what the color grade of a diamond means and how it affects diamond pricing.

Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers, your source for buying and selling diamond jewelry, luxury estate jewelry, engagement rings and designer jewelry.


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