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Diamond Cut Defined – The 4 C's Explained

Diamond Cut Defined

This month is Diamond Month at Raymond Lee Jewelers. We’ll be discussing, dissecting and generally celebrating April’s birthstone with plenty of diamond features, our diamond web series, and our Fanpage Diamond Giveaway.

This month’s web series will focus intently on diamond characteristics, those famous four C’s. Each week, we’ll share an in depth video discussing Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat and how these factors are determined, and how they affect the price of a diamond. This week, we’re discussing Diamond Cut Defined.


Thanks for watching this week as we shared our take on Diamond Cut Defined. Remember that you can always call or e-mail us with your questions about buying or selling diamonds, the grades on your diamond’s appraisal, or any general questions. Join us next week when we discuss diamond Carats!

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