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Happy Earth Day 2015! If you’re an eco-conscious  shopper, concerned with the health of the planet and responsibly sourced diamonds, you’ve come to the right place.

Today’s couples value beauty and ethics. To some, the 4 C’s matter just as much as where a diamond comes from. This evolution of conscious shopping gave rise to companies like Brilliant Earth, perhaps the most popular and well-known online source for responsibly sourced diamonds. Their “beyond conflict free” guarantee has stricter guidelines than The Kimberley process, and they continue to better the diamond business with this commitment. These diamonds come primarily from Canada, but also from Russia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. They also use recycled gold and platinum to ensure their rings do as little harm as possible to the planet itself, not just the population. And they’re just one jewelry company committed to responsibility – the movement grows every year.

Old European Cut Antique Diamond

At Raymond Lee, our approach to eco friendly diamonds is a little more old school. Actually, it’s just old. As South Florida’s destination for luxury estate jewelry, we carry more breathtaking recycled platinum, gold, and diamond rings than anyone in the state. We don’t need to source freshly mined diamonds, thanks to our own vast inventory. Because we purchase estate jewelry on the daily, we’ve got a constant inflow of stunning diamonds, certified by GIA, worn by some of Palm Beach’s glitterati, and a few that have made their way around the auction block a few times. We own gorgeous, high quality stones ranging from 1/4th of a carat to 22 carats, with every size in between.

Art Deco Style Engagement Ring

Our antique, vintage, and estate rings are all 100% re-cycled – they were all part of a love story from before. With antique and vintage rings, the precious metals and unique diamond cuts tell a gorgeous story, and often get snapped up by modern couples as-is. With our contemporary estate rings, some couples want to tweak it, to make the ring truly theirs. This is always one of our favorite projects, and even if we can’t use a setting we have on hand (thus reducing any metal waste) we can craft a modern setting around the perfect (recycled) diamond, keeping the ring very eco-friendly.

Vintage Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

The best part? This will cost you significantly less than a “new” eco-friendly diamond ring (no diamond is truly new, unless it’s lab made, but that’s another post.) It will even cost you less than a ring you’d score at another online jeweler whose rings aren’t eco friendly (or theirs, for that matter.) And you can rest easy knowing your beautiful engagement ring is good for the planet, your wallet, and your happy future together.

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