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Does That Price Include The Diamond?

Does That Price Include The Diamond?

Uneek Engagement Ring Setting

Or, when IG really is too good to be true. Like most things on the internet, if something just has an unbelievable price, it’s probably unbelievable – or maybe you’re not getting the whole picture. And when it comes to pictures, especially ours on Instagram and Facebook, sometimes the price tag looks WAY too good to be true.

Does That Price Include The Diamond

So what’s the deal? Did we decide to sell out and become a sketchy internet dealer? Are we suddenly selling clarity enhanced diamonds exclusively? Are we trying to liquidate our inventory before Diamonds by Raymond Lee opens?

The answer is D. None of the above!

Does That Price Include The Diamond

The #1 question we get from our wonderful IG followers & FB fans is “Does that price include the diamond?” Rightfully asked when we post a JAW DROPPING pic of a Verragio, Tacori, Uneek, A. Jaffe, or Gabriel & Co. engagement ring, along with its price, or a link to the listing in our online store.

The answer 99.9% of the time is no. We never want to mislead our fans, so we always try to say “This designer setting…” or “How gorgeous is this designer mounting…” But sometimes we do just get so caught up in describing the details, we just call it a ring and call it a day. We’re sorry!

Does That Price Include The DiamondWhen it comes to engagement rings, if you see the word “setting” “mounting” or “semi-mount” the listing is most likely describing just the actual ring part – not the center diamond. When a listing includes a diamond, it should have more specific details about the center stone, like “This stone is a GIA certified G color, VS2 clarity, excellent cut oval shape weighing 1.78 carats” or something like that.

Does That Price Include The Diamond

However, some of our setting listings DO have info like color and clarity, just to make things even fuzzier. This is because most of our settings do have “live” or real smaller diamonds. So we do like to disclose the important grades on those, and what their total carat weight is.

“Right right,” say many of our customers. “Price doesn’t include stone – but how much would it be for the diamond you showed in that picture?” Well, that’s not a diamond, it’s a placeholder CZ. Our designer settings are usually sent to our showroom with cubic zirconia main stones so shoppers can have a better visual when looking at the rings. It’s hard to imagine what the finished product will look like when you’re looking at an empty ring.

Square halo engagement ring mounting

The next question is usually “Ok, got it. How much would it be for a diamond the same size as the CZ in the picture?” Almost all of our designer rings feature Cubic Zirconias that are the equivalent of 1 – 1.5 carat diamonds. Some of our Uneek rings have “2 carat” CZ’s, and you can definitely tell the difference when we hold them side by side (probably because our Uneek CZ’s also have a hidden “U” etched into them – you can spot it in some of our Instagram pics!)

Does That Price Include The Diamond

When it comes to a similar color and clarity, CZ’s are usually a D, flawless – if they were diamonds. However they do have a bluish cast to them. Some of our couples leave the rings as-is, with the CZ in the setting. Maybe they plan to switch to a diamond further down the line, maybe they just love the design of the setting and don’t care about the center stone being a diamond.

For those who do want the perfect diamond for their dream setting, we work with every customer to go through our entire diamond database and find one that fits their vision and their budget. Because diamonds have so many different factors that affect their cost, there’s a huge amount of wiggle room here.

So, to answer the big question, NO, that price doesn’t include “THE” diamond (it includes the small diamonds, but not the star of the show.) But you can get a rough idea for the total by looking for a diamond that fits your requirements in our diamond search. Don’t know what your looking for, or can’t find it? Call us (or e-mail, or livechat, or DM us.) It’s our job to find you the perfect rock, and we’ll hunt one down for you.


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