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Unique Proposal Ideas

Unique Proposal Ideas

Every unique engagement ring deserves an equally unique proposal. And in a day and age where this proposal is widely regarded as “perfeeeeect” by many a Pinterest user, the pressure is on. But no fear, we’re here to help.

Two Tone engagement ring with rose gold and white gold by Simon G.

That’s right, not only will we help you choose the perfect engagement ring (for her and for your budget) we’re sharing our favorite ideas for unique marriage proposals.

 A. Jaffe .52ctw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Mounting

This baseball proposal is after our own heart. Not only did he pop the question with a stunning sapphire engagement ring, he did it via the American Pastime! If your girl is a baseball fan this is a sweet and sentimental way to propose. You can take it to the next level by popping the question with tickets, or during the game (but NOT on the Jumbotron). You could even pretend to catch a fly ball, depending on how far you want to take this. If she was the president of your fan club in high school, take her back to the old field where she watched you play for a trip down memory lane. Pre-arrange for family or friends to set up a picnic blanket with candles, champagne, etc. Just clear it with your alma mater first, nothing ruins a proposal like a trespassing arrest.

Ever & Ever Oval Diamond

Is your beloved a caffeine fiend? Even if they prefer herbal decaf, this steamy proposal is perfect for a creative at home proposal. Skip the hot air balloon ride, the choreography and flash mob. If your style is more understated (and your intended’s is too) then surprise him or her with breakfast in bed. Make all of their favorite treats and brew a cup of their breakfast beverage of choice. Present it all on a tray (fresh flowers are a must), and wait impatiently while they finish their coffee or tea! If you need any inspiration, this proposal on Style Me Pretty takes the pancake.

Gabriel NY 14k White Gold Victorian Diamond Cushion Halo

Want all the creative impact of a special proposal without logging the overtime? Luckily, Well Groomed has an easy to use and very cute DIY proposal box tutorial. It includes all the printables you’ll need to get a “Yes!” This sweet idea includes your loved one’s loved ones, no matter how far away they are. Send them this box, request only a celebratory photo in return, and use the pics to create decor for a perfect and thoughtful proposal.

Three-Stone Halo 0.69ctw Diamond Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for the ideal creative proposal, with minimal preparation and just the right amount of romance, this idea is perfect for those of you with eagle-eyed or hard to surprise partners! Step 1: buy an amazing engagement ring. Step 2: Take the lucky guy or gal on a date anywhere with a photobooth (good idea: an old school arcade. bad idea: the photobooth at your friend’s wedding). Step 3: Have that ring box handy as you start to snap away, and capture the moment forever!



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