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Our 5 Favorite Proposal Ideas

Our 5 Favorite Proposal Ideas

Many girls dream of the day that the man of their dreams will drop down to one knee with a box full of love and a big shiny ring! Guys, your lady will be telling her friends, family and even strangers about the day you popped the question for many years to come. Here are our top 5 favorite proposal ideas. Hopefully these ideas will spark your own creativity!

A Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

We have all seen the amazing viral videos that have been all over the YouTube home page. Could you imagine being the lucky girl whose hubby pops the question after creating such an extravagant event? So much thought and planning has to go into a flash mob marriage proposal. I love when the “groom to be” shows his future “bride to be” how much he loves her by putting so much thought into such an exciting life-changing event. Now the bride has to one up her groom by planning an extravagant wedding to match!

Destination Proposal


Every woman I know loves the thought of getting away from it all. Which makes me fall in love the idea of a destination wedding proposal! I love when a man plans a trip to some place tropical. Who doesn’t love relaxing with their honey on the beach?! I think it is so romantic when a man pops the question during sunset at a beautiful place. Planning your anniversary at the place where the marriage was proposed is always a wonderful idea.

Including Family & Friends


If your beautiful bride-to-be loves being in the spotlight then asking her to marry you in front of family and friends is a wonderful way to go. It doesn’t cost a ton of money but it sure will make your girl feel special. I would know, that’s how my fiancé asked me to marry him! I loved walking up to my then-boyfriend and seeing all of the people we loved standing behind him with huge smiles on their faces. It’s also special is ask her at a place you spend a lot of time. That way, every time you visit that place you can be reminded of that very special day.

Written in the Sky


I love when men arrange to have “will you marry me” written in the sky! It may be costly but so worth the reaction! I have also been a huge believer in shouting to the world how much in love you are, and this is the perfect way to do it! Just picture you and your bride-to-be sitting somewhere quiet with a perfect view of the sky and then all of a sudden “Will you marry me?” pops up in the clear bright blue sky. How could a woman not say yes!?

Unique Proposals

As much as we love all of the wonderful ideas above, coming up with something unique is always super special. Could you imagine being the first one to propose to your girlfriend through a message in the sky or the first one to create a flash mob? You would be the king of marriage proposals! That’s why we love when a guy combines his love for his girl and his creativity and comes up with a proposal that is unique to their relationship. A woman loves when she can tell that her man put a lot of thought into her and what she likes.

Good luck and remember to enjoy every step of the “proposal process.”


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