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Creative Proposal Ideas

Creative Proposal Ideas

Love is in the air! We have SO many new #RLJBrides popping up left and right, all with stunning new engagement rings to show off, courtesy of yours truly. We also have quite an impressive number of unsuspecting soon-to-be RLJ brides, just going about their business while their rings burn holes in their loved ones’ pockets! As soon as someone walks out our door with their engagement ring, the countdown is on. Our team anxiously awaits the proposal story, and occasionally we get to hear it straight from the brides themselves if they pop in for a complimentary ring sizing. And our brides and grooms are very creative with their proposals! We love hearing the unique ways our couples’ love stories begin. And for those still brainstorming the perfect way to ask The Big Question, we’ve got a few ideas.

This marriage proposal is perfect for any coffee lover. Make her breakfast in bed – or just bring her coffee, exactly how she likes it, before she even needs to open those bleary eyes. Make sure it’s not too hot, and encourage her to drink up. Try not to look too nervous while you wait for her to finish the whoooole thing.

If you and your sweetheart met in college, a trip back to the alma mater is a perfect proposal opportunity. Most universities allow alum and students to purchase commemorative bricks as a fundraiser, so lead her to a special spot on campus, and point out your new brick! If there is a specific place where bricks go that doesn’t have any meaning to you, even better. Take her on a tour of your favorite old haunts on campus, and when you stop at this new place, she’ll wonder “what’s so special that happened here?” That’s your cue to get down on one knee, right next to your brick, and say “This is where we got engaged.”

We love the proposal from Sweet Home Alabama¬†you know, where McDreamy takes Reese Witherspoon to Tiffany & says “Pick One”? Well, you don’t need an unlimited budget and access to Tiffany’s underground entrance to pull this off. Work with your jeweler ahead of time to put together a selection of rings you think she’ll like in your budget. Tell your intended you need to “run some errands” – blindfold them if you want to make it an even bigger surprise. When you remove the blindfold, standing in your fave jewelers’ showroom, surrounded by candlelight, and presenting a bevy of diamonds, they will likely faint before they can say yes.

We love proposals that masquerade as expected celebrations. This groom took his bride to Disney for what she believed was a birthday celebration. And how sweet of him to plan that birthday greeting just for her! But then she was shocked when the signs spelled out something even more magical.

Have a special park, backyard forest, or other nature spot you share? Carve your love forever under the shade of a tree.

If your beloved is a bookworm, incorporating favorite stories is a surefire way to go. Have a friend or family member lead her to a special reading place, like a park or the beach, where she’ll find a trail. The trail of books should be her favorite love stories, opened to the very best quotes, for her to follow until she reaches her “happy beginning.”

If you two are more of movie buffs, make use of the sentimental ticket stubs you saved over the years. Arrange your favorite cinematic memory souvenirs into the Big Question.

Finally, if one (or both) of you loves running races, get ready for the ultimate finish at your next 10k or marathon.


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