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Our Favorite Diamond Wedding Bands for Wedding Wednesday

So much attention is lavished on diamond engagement rings (for good reason), but they usually only shine solo for a year or two. After that, their partner for life, the wedding band, is always present, sometimes even worn without the engagement ring! Ladies with large diamond engagement rings might only wear theirs for special occasions,…
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Wedding Wednesday: Beautiful Diamond Eternity Bands

Diamond eternity bands are one of the most popular choices for brides choosing their perfect wedding band. Not only do they offer the perfect way to add more sparkle to your ring finger, an eternity band can compliment your engagement ring like no other piece of jewelry. In fact, it’s imperative that they look fantastic…
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Hot Trend: Mid Finger Rings

Have you heard? There is a new hot trend in the jewelry fashion world. It is the mid finger ring. What is a mid finger ring? It is a ring that is designed to be worn between the top two knuckles of your fingers. It is also designed to be worn on any finger. Now…
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Eye Candy for the Guys: Wedding Bands for Men

Typically, men’s wedding bands wouldn’t spring to mind when imagining Eye Candy for guys. But a certain subset of the XY population (hey grooms!) has a vested interest. For many guys, their wedding band is the first piece of real jewelry they’ll own. And for some, it’s the only piece of jewelry they’ll ever wear.…
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Wedding Traditions Explained: The Garter Toss

Any single man who’s attended a wedding has likely stood in a circle of other men without wedding bands and tried to catch the bride’s garter, recently removed from her leg by the groom. Where did this custom come from, and why do we still toss bits of the bride’s underwear to single men in…
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Wedding Bands Eye Candy

Our Boca Raton store’s wedding band selection is among the best of the best. From 12 carat eternity bands to antique wedding bands to discounted signed jewels (like Tiffany wedding bands for less!) Today we’re highlighting a few of our favorite wedding bands that truly stand out in our showcases. When you need to buy…
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Our Favorite Wedding Earrings

We’ve talked before about the right jewelry for your wedding dress (and there’s an update coming soon!) But there’s one piece of jewelry that’s nearly universally flattering with every wedding dress (besides those sparkly engagement and wedding rings!) Of course, we’re talking about earrings. The type of wedding earrings you’ll wear is dictated first by…
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Month of Love Engagement Ring Giveaway UPDATE!

Readers, you’ve heard about our engagement ring giveaway, right? And our special February promotion that includes a free men’s wedding band with any bridal purchase over $2,000? Well, our amazing fans have blown us away with their enthusiasm! The most lovely couples have entered the contest and we’re completely smitten with them all. And so…
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A Handy Guide to the Wedding Tux

A groom’s wedding tux (or his dapper groomsmen) doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the bride’s attire. However, every groom deserves to look his best on his wedding day – whether that’s in khakis and a white linen button down for beachside vows or the ultimate in black tie wedding attire. This illustrated guide…
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Jewelry Engraving Services offered by Raymond Lee Jewelers

Even though jewelry is typically a very personal gift, taking it a step farther and having the jewelry engraved truly turns a piece of jewelry into a timeless family heirloom. Following are perfect occasions to have jewelry engraved and the jewelry engraving services offered through Raymond Lee Jewelers. A truly personalized gift carries a special…
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End of the World Jewels

It’s early evening here in our little slice of paradise, and so far so good. The end of the world still has several hours to come to fruition though, so we aren’t taking any chances. Here in the showroom we’ve sampled all the lovely goodies our wonderful customers have sent like there’s no tomorrow! We…
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Mix and Match: Pairing Engagement Rings with Wedding Bands

  Not every man has the hindsight to purchase an engagement ring with a matching wedding band. Don’t fret, ladies and gents, as there are plenty of options for wedding bands that will match and compliment your engagement ring and completely impress everyone who takes a glance at the set! This 14k Yellow gold and…
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Raymond Lee Jewelers Best of Engagement Rings Boca Raton Has to Offer

This holiday season may be the right time for you to push that engagement ring to the top of your gift list. Since the holidays are quickly approaching, it’s best to start your search at a local, trusted jeweler with a full inventory of new and pre-owned engagement rings available for purchase in store and…
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Mens Diamond Rings

We hear the cliche all the time: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. What we fail to recognize sometimes are that the men in our lives are typically the one’s showering us girls with all of these diamonds. My conclusion: men love diamonds, too! What’s not to love? They’re one of the hardest substances on…
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Non Traditional Wedding Rings

While traditionally wedding bands are a solid, thin gold band worn on the ring finger either in addition to an engagement ring on a woman or solely on the ring finger for a man, there are changing times about us: wedding bands don’t always fit the traditional template anymore. Many men are choosing engagement rings…
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