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Mix and Match: Pairing Engagement Rings with Wedding Bands

Mix and Match: Pairing Engagement Rings with Wedding Bands


Not every man has the hindsight to purchase an engagement ring with a matching wedding band. Don’t fret, ladies and gents, as there are plenty of options for wedding bands that will match and compliment your engagement ring and completely impress everyone who takes a glance at the set!

This 14k Yellow gold and oval cut 1 carat Diamond engagement ring is definitely simple and beautiful! It’s straight to the point and the diamond is large enough to reap the value of the purchase, unlike engagement rings with diamonds less than 1 carat that typically don’t hold their value as well.


Paired beautifully with this 14k yellow gold ring, you’ll truly complete a perfect pair! The band doesn’t overpower the gorgeous engagement ring, but compliments it with some small diamond accents.


I’m a big fan of the unusual. This Art Deco Halo-Style Engagement ring features a 2 carat light yellow diamond in the center, surrounded by rubies and more diamonds. While it’s absolutely stunning, it can completely dwarf an average wedding band into seeming inferior.


Not to sweat! Pairing this with a simple, ruby encrusted band will compliment the ring and really add some robust color. This is a perfect option for a July birthstone, but rubies also represent love, success, integrity and passion! Check out this 18k white gold with black rhodium ruby stackable ring for something simple to compliment the engagement ring.


This engagement ring, similar to the other because it also utilizes the halo style, is absolutely stunning! The round, 2.5 carat diamond surrounded by diamonds and sapphires is a simple, unique look.


Raymond Lee Jewelers even has a vintage diamond and sapphire eternity band that would look perfect paired with this ring!


This is the engagement ring that every girl secretly hopes for: A Platinum and Diamond 3.25 carat Round, Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring. I’ts gorgeous, extravagant, and exquisite–just like most of us girls. Pairing it with the proper wedding band, though, can be something of a hassle because you don’t want to mask the beauty of the ring.

This Platinum and White Baguette Eternity band is the perfect answer. It’s fabulous and rich, but understated to pair geometrically alongside this amazing engagement ring.


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