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Kim Kardashian Refuses to Give Back Engagement Ring

Kim Kardashian Refuses to Give Back Engagement Ring

Kim Kardashian may not be viewed as the sharpest tack in the box, but at this point she’s not letting go of the 2 million dollar engagement ring former fiancé Kris Humphries gave her to get her to marry him. Hey, if he was thinking she was worth two-million, maybe there are two dull tacks in that box.

Since the marriage only lasted 72 days, Humphries contends the 2 million dollar gift should be returned because Kardashian only accepted the ring as a way to get publicity. Kardashian claims the ring is hers as part of a pre-nuptial agreement. Kim Kardashian looking for publicity? Naw, couldn’t be.

Are you ready for this? The divorce proceedings have already lasted about 6 times as long as their marriage. In fact, as things snail along, this divorce will keep the Kardashian name in the news for months to come.

Kris wants an annulment, claiming that all along the wedding and marriage to Kardashian was a sham. On her part, Kardashian says the wedding was legit and she wants her fair share of what was agreed to in the pre-nup. By the way, that pre-nup included a clause that would make the 2 million dollar engagement ring Kardashian’s.

Kris doesn’t want a divorce he wants an annulment claiming the whole event was staged and a publicity stunt for Kardashian. An annulment would mean any pre-nuptial agreement would be void. If a judge rules that it should be settled as a divorce that could be another big pay day for Kardashian. The judge has set a mid-February date to decide on the matter.

Whether it was a marriage or a publicity stunt, one can’t help admiring the Kardashian’s ability to stay in the news. Whether she gets to keep the ring or not, Kardashian has certainly gotten 2 million dollars worth of publicity.

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