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Non Traditional Wedding Rings

Non Traditional Wedding Rings

While traditionally wedding bands are a solid, thin gold band worn on the ring finger either in addition to an engagement ring on a woman or solely on the ring finger for a man, there are changing times about us: wedding bands don’t always fit the traditional template anymore.

Many men are choosing engagement rings with matching, diamond encrusted wedding bands in today’s society. These rings often intertwine with each other and look much more seamless than the traditional yellow gold wedding band alongside the engagement ring.

For more information about this particular set, click here.

While many individuals have different ideas of wedding bands and engagement rings, this one really caught my attention. Basically described as a woven-style wedding band, this interesting ring is the epitome of non-traditional. It’s cute, it would be a great statement piece for the couple who’s heart is in rural America, and it’s incredibly unique.

An interesting and unique wedding band style for a man is envisioned much like this Titanium and 18k gold and diamond men’s wedding band. While titanium is abundantly available on the earth and not truly considered to be a precious metal, the process of producing titanium alloys is where the expense comes in. In jewelry form, titanium is comparable in price to precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver. More about this ring here.

A young couple who now own a company, Brent & Jess, say in their published story that it all started with their rings. The whole relationship. They’re super cute, personalized wedding rings. You can order these in any of your favorite precious metal, they have a process by mail where you have to send in fingerprints and they mold it, etc…but if you have the time, this is a unique and out-of-the-ordinary idea for your wedding bands.

One of my favorite non-traditional wedding bands is that of the infinity ring. Something that can be worn by both a man and a woman, you’re showcasing your vows to one another and saying scientifically: our love is undying, for the longest period of time in the world. There really is no arguing with the vow prescribed in these types of rings.


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