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A Handy Guide to the Wedding Tux

A groom’s wedding tux (or his dapper groomsmen) doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the bride’s attire. However, every groom deserves to look his best on his wedding day – whether that’s in khakis and a white linen button down for beachside vows or the ultimate in black tie wedding attire. This illustrated guide may be for how to draw suits, but we like it for its handy breakdown of the different type of wedding suits, what they imply, and what will flatter your body best. The different options of wedding suits and wedding tuxes should be chosen to best suit the formality of your wedding, the time of year, and most importantly your bride’s gown (yep, no matter how Bond you look, your ensemble should complement hers). So, once you’ve chosen the perfect wedding attire, you get to pick out a seriously stylish pair of shoes, cufflinks, and hopefully a luxury watch wedding gift from your bride. After that, all you’ve gotta do is slip on the most important part of your outfit – your wedding band.


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