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Wedding I Do: Wedding Favors

Wedding I Do: Wedding Favors

Getting down to it, we all have the idea of a perfect wedding. The unfortunate aspect of the industry is that we don’t all have the funds to throw the most ideal affair. Every person that’s on the guest list costs the bride and the groom another $60-150 as far as the national average is concerned. With this being said, many couples have had to cut corners and get creative!

In this week’s I Do/I Don’t wedding series, I think that favors & farewell gifts for the guests are always an I Do!

Many couples choose alternative routes for their weddings in today’s society: destination weddings are just as popular as low-key, DIY backyard weddings, and there is always an affordable way to tie in farewell gifts.

Whether your guests have traveled far and wide or down the street, it’s a nice sentiment to send them home with a reminder of your big day. You invited them to share the memory with them, and show off all of your hard work and planning. While it’s difficult to catch up with each and every guest at the wedding and offer him or her the time they deserve, the farewell gifts and thank you cards are a great way to show them that you really appreciated everything.

Farewell gifts can be extravagant or simple and are always appreciated. I recently attended a late afternoon backyard affair at a beautiful intracostal front home. While the couple kept the affair low key, into the evening they lit fires around the yard, roasted marshmallows and offered guests a DIY s’mores kit to take home that the bridesmaids put together by hand.

Another memorable farewell gift was at a family member’s wedding on a farm in Vermont. The couple offered a bottle of Vermont Maple Syrup with a cute gift tag to the guests. While the prep was simple, it definitely left a lasting impression.

If your budget allows, there are great options for guests that are traveling, too! For the guests that checked into your recommended hotel, you could provide Bloody Mary gift packs for the day after the reception—this is my favorite wedding surprise!

Perusing the web, I’ve compiled the top 5 most memorable wedding favors and farewell gifts:

Many couples are putting a personalized touch on their wedding favors by making their own cookies, candies and treats, or offering guests a taste of their favorites!

Going into 2013, birds are gaining popularity as a preferred wedding symbol and theme. It’s increasingly popular to tie your theme into all aspects of the affair–so why not provide guests with some charming DIY bird feeders. With a bit of time, these gifts can cost less than $1 each.

Plants or flowers are a great farewell gift and incredibly popular! You can even utilize potted plants or flowers for centerpieces and offer them to guests to take home–kills two birds with one stone!

Personalized beer koozies are an awesome gift idea, too! Not only are they useful, but many guests may get a lot of use out of them in the future!

Wine, as a wedding favor or farewell gift is increasingly popular. It’s a no hassle way to thank your gifts and allowing them another occasion to relive your grand affair!

Budgeting for farewell gifts and wedding favors shouldn’t seem like an unnecessary expense. The ideas can be inexpensive or complex and they really leave a lasting impression on the guests. Consider putting a bit of time into coming up with a great farewell gift or wedding favor for your guests to take home with them!


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