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5 Cute Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

It’s difficult trying to come up with the most useful and yet exciting gifts to give away to friends and family, especially during a wedding event. Buying items can be more expensive more paying for the actual wedding. There are several ideas to use, that can say “Welcome” or “Thank you for Coming.” These items…
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5 Fantastic, Unforgettable Wedding Favor Ideas

It’s the most important event of your life, your wedding. You’ve been dreaming of it since you were just a girl (or at least since you put that stunning engagement ring on your finger.) So, it’s vitally important that you make it memorable, exciting and effortlessly romantic from start to finish for everyone involved. Making…
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Wedding I Do: Wedding Favors

Getting down to it, we all have the idea of a perfect wedding. The unfortunate aspect of the industry is that we don’t all have the funds to throw the most ideal affair. Every person that’s on the guest list costs the bride and the groom another $60-150 as far as the national average is…
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Awesome Fall Wedding Tips to Save on Your Budget

  While most women dream of being June brides, it doesn’t always fit into everyone’s plans. In South Florida, specifically, it’s unpredictable to have an outdoor wedding in June. On a similar note, since this is traditional, many venue halls and well sought-after outdoor venues are booked solid through the spring and early summer—regardless of…
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Bird is the Word: Bird Themed Wedding Ideas

Searching for that interesting and versatile theme for your wedding that you know none of your friends are up to? This may sound crazy, but try tying in some birds! Many people see birds as symbols of the future. They can also mean eternal life, rebirth, and peace. Different species of birds hold different symbolism.…
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