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Bird is the Word: Bird Themed Wedding Ideas

Bird is the Word: Bird Themed Wedding Ideas

Searching for that interesting and versatile theme for your wedding that you know none of your friends are up to? This may sound crazy, but try tying in some birds!

Many people see birds as symbols of the future. They can also mean eternal life, rebirth, and peace. Different species of birds hold different symbolism.

Lovebird Wedding Ideas

With all of the beautiful and romantic meanings, what better animals to represent your eternal bond with your significant other?

Some great décor ideas with the inclusion of birds:

  • Feathered skirts or feathered embellishments on the wedding gown
  • Bird seed wedding favors
  • Bird houses as the card boxes on the gift table
  • Invitations or save-the-dates with birds
  • Bird’s Nests as centerpieces

Cute bird cake toppers like this can be found all over the internet, really tying your theme into all aspects of the affair.

If you’re having a luxurious affair, ditch my previous idea to make centerpieces out of birds nests and get with your florist about the inclusion of vintage bird cages. These gorgeous floral arrangements inside the bird cages are not only stunning to look at, but would make an amazing gifts.

This adorable photostitch shows a potential color scheme for your bird-friendly wedding. The earthy greens and vibrant blues would make for a great Summer or Fall theme.

These adorable ‘Nesting Bird’ wedding favors make for a unique and adorable wedding gift displaying the love and affection from the happy couple onto the guests.

There are so many cute and interesting bird themed wedding ideas. Your attention to detail with this theme is paramount as your guests will remember such an interesting idea for years to come.


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