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5 Cute Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

5 Cute Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

It’s difficult trying to come up with the most useful and yet exciting gifts to give away to friends and family, especially during a wedding event. Buying items can be more expensive more paying for the actual wedding. There are several ideas to use, that can say “Welcome” or “Thank you for Coming.”

These items can be used over and over again, and can downsized or beefed up to use at other occasions as well. Take a look at these 5 Cute Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas and create the perfect gift for all your guests. Try to have a selection for every age group.

Creative your own bags for less money, and add your own personal touch. Purchase your wedding welcome bags in bulk, they are cheaper. If you don’t want to buy your bags make your own. Use your creative side. Remember when you were in elementary school, and you made a masterpiece with crayons and paper? Now you’re older and more experienced.

  • Out of Town Guests may enjoy a “Goodie Beach Bag.” Throw in a large sombrero, a beach towel, suntan lotion; bug off spray and a bag of dried fruits, and don’t forget the sunglasses. Each of these items can be purchased from a local dollar store.
  • Younger adults and teens may enjoy a “Wedding Snack Bag” filled with delicious chips, pretzels, dried banana chips, a few pieces of candy and a bottle of water.
  • If the wedding is in the winter make a “Cool” welcome bag. Add a pair of gloves, a scarf, a hat and a box of hot cocoa or apple cider.
  • “Bubble Bath” welcome bags are fun. Add about 3 bottles of different flavored bubble bath or bath salts, lotion, shampoo and perfume.
  • “Chocolate Lovers” welcome bags appeals to the sweet size of everyone. Load the bags with kisses, Hershey bars, and dark chocolate.

Determine if you want a them or not. Themed bags are great if your wedding is centered around the beach, the park, or a fairy tale setting. If the wedding guests ages varies, be sure to have something for every age group. It’s easy for someone to feel left out, even though it’s not intentional.


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