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Million Dollar Diamonds

Million Dollar Diamonds

For years people have been obsessed with the idea of expensive diamonds. We’re captivated by giant expensive diamonds like the famous Hope diamond. The Hope rings up at a staggering $350 million, far out of most people’s price range for jewelry. But if you are in the market for some flashy diamonds closer to $1 million, what can you expect?

Double-Wrap Serpenti: $1.13 million

The Serpenti is designed to represent a snake, something originally created by Bulgari in the 1940s. The piece is as long as the real thing, stretching a dazzling 30 inches, making it a diverse piece, able to be worn as a belt or necklace. Each scale has around four diamonds, totaling the glamorous count to 3,318 diamonds. That’s 215 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds, meaning they’re circular, cone-shaped diamonds.

Round Diamond Drop Necklace: Around $1 million

Made by Graff, the necklace weighs in at 46.57 carats including the white gold the diamonds are set in. The necklace features a 2.8 carat diamond as the largest stone on the piece, sitting as the lowest-hanging diamond in the center strand. The diamonds get progressively smaller working back along the necklace, with a 0.75 carat diamond resting at the back of the neck.

Yellow Diamond Heart-Shaped Pendant necklace: Approximately $900,000

Eight heart-shaped yellow diamonds dominate the necklace. They’re complimented by six emerald-cut diamonds offsetting the hearts, bringing the carat weight to 16.59. A platinum and 18 carat yellow gold chain hold the diamonds together, leading from the smallest diamond behind the neck to the 10.05 carat yellow-diamond that demands your eye. The dazzling necklace is just one testament Leviev’s powerful role in the diamond industry.

White South Sea cultured pearl necklace with pace diamond clasp: $848,000

The pearl necklace is made by renowned pearl dealer Mikimoto. 17 inches of white beauty hold 25 different pearls and the 13mm diamond ball clasp. The clasp totals 3.05 carats made of 128 round-cut stones set in platinum. A silk strand holds the clasp and diamonds all together. Likely taking 3-5 years to produce, the necklace brags pearls all graded A+, with similar color and practically perfect spheres.

Palais de la Chance Zip Coccinelle: Between $800,000-900,000

This dynamic piece can complement your neck or your wrist with its 48 round spinel beads and 251 round diamonds. All 28.5 carats may weigh down your hand, but an easy unzip will allow you to transfer the jewelry to your neck. Van Cleef & Arpels first made a zip necklace for the Duchess of Windsor in 1938, and this is one of the many variations since. The fastener on this piece is a ladybug that dangles delicately from either your neck or wrist.

These beautiful pieces will certainly turn heads, and their million dollar price tags mean you probably won’t be seeing someone with a similar necklace.


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