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SmartWatch Race: Hyetis' Contender

SmartWatch Race: Hyetis' Contender

What is just as smart as a “Smartphone” and weighs less? It is The “Smartwatch” by Hyetis.

If you like the “Smartphone”, you will love the “Smartwatch.” Swiss watches have been one of man’s favorite watches for decades. The very first Swiss Smartwatch is ready to hit the market, thanks to Hyetis. The new model Swiss watch with the crossbow design has all the features of a very intelligent device.

The watch is equipped with automatic movement, touch screen capacity, WiFi Bluetooth connection and a camera. This is the type of watch you would expect to see in a “James Bond” movie. This Smart watch operates uses two separate compartments. The movement part of the watch is what controls the preciseness of the time, and it has its’ very own battery. However, both compartments come together and perform the task it is assigned to do.

The Smartwatch is designed, using some of the oldest and newest technology in the Swiss watch making industry. The crossbow style is perfect for every occasion. The watch has a diameter of 46mm and a titanium case. The front of the watch has a sapphire glass, with high quality resolution.

The Smartwatch connectively can be synched with a Smartphone, using WiFi or Bluetooth technology. The buttons found on a traditional watch are replaced with electronic sensors. Barometer, light meter, thermometer, altimeter and a microphone are the kind of equipment you will find on a Smartwatch.

When the clock strikes 12 you can take a picture, using the hidden camera feature, which is positioned at noon, and the crown is located at 6 o clock. The Smartwatch is so powerful it needs two rechargeable batteries. They are located inside the inserts. The sensors contain the wearer physical information in real time.

Everyone is internet friendly and high tech savvy, which makes owning this watch even more acceptable. The market place is getting ready to release 500 copies of the Crossbow collector’s edition. The Smartwatch can be configured using an online Hyetis account or with the use of an App. However, you will have to configure the settings.


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