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World's First Silver Motorcycle

World's First Silver Motorcycle

Imagine riding a motorcycle that is also a complete assembly of luxury and jewelry. No, not a motorcycle adorned with jewelry glued onto the body; the frame and body are the jewelry itself. The luxury motorcycle is both a work of automotive function as well as a work of luxury. That concept is now a reality in India. And it also might require a contingency of security guards to ride tandem when taking this vehicle out on the road in public.

The Silver Motorcycle Launch

Luxury comes in a number of different forms, but one of the more unique, odder versions includes the first ever silver motorcycle. The Silver Emporium of India is responsible for this creation, crafting a new first for the automotive world as well as the history of luxury in general.

The Silver Emporium is already well-known for producing famous luxury silver products, jewelry, goods and more. They specialize in silverware and have gained a reputation for excellence in fabrication and quality of luxury products produced. They have also redefined the use and purpose of silver as a metal for consumer use, going far beyond the basic purpose of jewelry and cutlery.

When the Silver Emporium launched its new creation it did so with style at the India International Jewelry Show, immediately catching both the attendees and media’s collective eye. The silver motorcycle wasn’t an overnight creation either. The assembly and vehicle finish took a full six months to create by the company. Not surprisingly, the silver motorcycle comes with a sizable price tag as well, ranging from $82,000 to $164,000, depending on the options included and chosen by the customer.

This is Luxury, Not Practicality

Clearly the silver motorbike is going to appeal to collectors and riders who want to have the most unique motorcycle possible. The silver motorbike will definitely fit the bill. That said, it’s more of a singular ride and not the sort of bike someone could take and park at a motorcycle rally. Have the parts would be pulled and yanked off within 30 minutes when the rider has his back turned.

The above said, India’s Silver Emporium has no problem creating a custom fit silver motorcycle per order. A design and fabrication team is already assigned and ready as a new order comes in to craft the motorcycle as desired, within customization options available. The price range is flexible depending on the design choices as well as engine size chosen.

In Summary

The Silver Emporium’s management is dedicated to making sure the motorcycle produced for a customer is a complete stand out and eye-catcher. The historical value of the vehicle is also not lost on the company’s management either. Not only have they created a first in terms of mechanics, their silver motorcycle is also expected to have a serious appeal to hard-core unique riders who want one more edge on their friends and other riders with this collector’s item on wheels.


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