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Awesome Fall Wedding Tips to Save on Your Budget


While most women dream of being June brides, it doesn’t always fit into everyone’s plans. In South Florida, specifically, it’s unpredictable to have an outdoor wedding in June. On a similar note, since this is traditional, many venue halls and well sought-after outdoor venues are booked solid through the spring and early summer—regardless of where in the world you’re getting married.

A fall wedding can be a gorgeous, comfortable idea anywhere in the world. In the northern states, the weather is crisp and the leaves are gorgeous tones of reds, yellows and oranges—setting the tone for a perfect late afternoon affair.

Following are some fall wedding tips to decorating, presenting and preparing your wedding—and saving some money on your budget all the while!


The more rustic, the better. Since the fall foliage is incredibly appealing to the eye, it’s almost acceptable to save on your budget by dealing with simple, rustic furnishings and decorations. Bails of hay, old wooden tables and chairs from one of the cheapest rental companies in town, Local, inexpensive flowers like daisies and *** all work well for fall weddings.


Instead of intricate, pricey centerpieces, try pumpkins, squash and gourds. Fall squash and gourds, in the right parts of the country, are as inexpensive as it gets. If you can buy an array of pumpkins, squash and gourds from local farmers, for mere dollars, why not create fun, festive centerpieces out of those and save on the pricey vases, lights, candles, flowers and the like.


Replace your wedding cake with an array of delicious pies. Planning a wedding would be best with a never-ending budget. As we all know, though, it can be quite tight. Once you buy a dress and book a church—there are still 10,000 other things to do. The average wedding cake for a party of 75-100 guests can cost anywhere from $300 up to the thousands, depending on where you’re getting married and what type of bakery you use. Normally, the cake is the least memorable facet of the wedding—making it a nearly useless expense.

During your fall affair, try offering guests an array of fresh pies. Even 15-20 high-quality, delicious pies in an array of flavors would run half as much as a low priced wedding cake—and it’d be a unique element that friends and family will talk about for the ages!


Fresh Apple Cider Makes for a Unique, inexpensive Wedding Favor. During the last days, hours and minutes leading up the big event, what bride wants to handle the tawdry details of hand-made wedding favors. There is no time! Save some dough and de-clutter the place settings by providing guests a take home bottle of local, fresh apple cider or hand-crafted packages of warm apple cider mix.


Set up a barrel (or table) full of individually packaged apple cider near the exit of the reception for guests to grab as they go home. This season-influenced final touch will surely please guests, require no work, and provide an inexpensive take-home, to boot!

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