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5 Fantastic, Unforgettable Wedding Favor Ideas

5 Fantastic, Unforgettable Wedding Favor Ideas

It’s the most important event of your life, your wedding. You’ve been dreaming of it since you were just a girl (or at least since you put that stunning engagement ring on your finger.) So, it’s vitally important that you make it memorable, exciting and effortlessly romantic from start to finish for everyone involved. Making it stand out is easy with the following five creative wedding favor ideas that are unique, beautiful and unforgettable.

• A Birdhouse: A rustic and unexpected choice for a natural-themed spring wedding that will have everyone talking.

A Tree to Plant: Fall and winter weddings call for woods and pine, so offer your guests a small shrubbery that forever reminds them of your special day.

A Tasty Snack: Love can give you the munchies, so offer your family and friends an upscale snack, like gourmet popcorn, to sate their hunger.

A Jar of Jam: A Homemade gift is often the best choice for such a touching moment. Homemade mini jars of jam are as sweet as your love.

A Bar of Soap: Cleanse yourself of the life before your darling entered the picture, and give your guests some artisanal sweet-smelling hand soap. A classic choice.

Weddings are full of excitement, stress and adventure. Show your loved ones you appreciate their contribution and attendance by offering them one of these fun and festive favors on your big day.

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