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Two Tone Watches: Fashionable and Functional

Two tone watches are absolutely timeless! Watchmakers have been utilizing this design technique since the 1900s and many vintage two-toned styles can still be found for resale today. Up-to-date watchmakers are also releasing two-toned watchbands on a regular basis. Two-toned wristwatches are incredibly versatile. They can be worn with platinum, silver and white gold jewelry…
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The Buzz on Jaeger LeCoultre Honey

Jaeger LeCoultre has long been known for making fine watches that are worn by some of the most elite people in the world. So it only seems natural that they expand their business and delve into another field. Yet many are surprised that the watch making company chose honey to be its next luxurious forte.…
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Spotlight On: Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin Watchmaker has a history unlike most others in the marketplace. In the early days of the company, throughout the late 1800s, the Nardin family were famous for creating Chronometers. These chronometers were highly accurate mechanical marine timepieces that were made for merchant and marine ships in the era, and before the invention and…
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New Moda Operandi Limited Edition Custom Rolex Watches

Rolex, a luxury watchmaker still unparalleled in the marketplace has been producing high-quality timepieces since 1905. After hundreds of different designs and styles, Rolex has recently teamed up with Moda Operandi to create a line of Limited Edition custom Rolex watches. In an article from Fashionologie: “Moda Operandi has teamed with Bamford Watches and a…
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Tennis Endorsement Deals for Watch Ambassadorships

As professional tennis grows in popularity around the world, famous watchmakers call on the pros to wear their designs. It seems the higher ranked the player, the more value they gain in their luxury jewelry deals. As the top tennis stars win titles and gain the top ranking, watchmakers are make the call to feature…
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Rolex Zenith Movement= Style and Power

  It’s all about teamwork! A strategic brand team-up gives birth to the perfect combination of function and fashion. That’s the case with Swiss watchmaking firms Zenith and Rolex. Up until the turn of the century, Rolex had borrowed the Zenith movement (arguably the most accurate watch movement in the world) and integrated it in…
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Timepiece Thursday – Seiko Watches, Hope Solo as Brand Ambassador

Seiko Watches and Solo on the Scene Sports and luxury watches are not an uncommon combination, as in this case with renowned and talented professional soccer goalie Hope Solo and Seiko watches. The team seems logical as they both represent the ability to stand the test of time in their respective professional fields. While it is…
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