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The Buzz on Jaeger LeCoultre Honey

Jaeger LeCoultre has long been known for making fine watches that are worn by some of the most elite people in the world. So it only seems natural that they expand their business and delve into another field. Yet many are surprised that the watch making company chose honey to be its next luxurious forte.

But it’s true. Jaeger LeCoultre recently added ten bee hives to its entrance on the Grande Maison in France. There, the watch company, which is based out of Switzerland, decided to create the best honey the world has to offer while keeping biodiversity a priority. The company decided the time was now to take a firm stand on protecting the environment, and keeping the world a beautiful place for many generations that are still to come.

In order to ensure that the honey produced was the finest, sweetest nectar available, the company hired a professional bee keeper to maintain the hives and produce the honey. Franck Crozet installed the first ten hives, and continued to maintain them after the fact. In addition to making the finest watches, the company is committed to making the best honey as well.

Visitors to the watch house will now have an opportunity to sample the sweet, delicious honey that is created right there in the Vallee de Joux. The watch company hopes that it will prove to visitors firsthand that it is committed to protecting the environment. They know that bees play a vital role in keeping many different plant species alive, as they are the main catalyst in pollinating most of the flowers and plants in the world. This is just a small step toward a larger commitment by the famed watch company Jaeger LeCoultre to protecting the environment for future generations.

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