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Timepiece Thursday – Seiko Watches, Hope Solo as Brand Ambassador

Timepiece Thursday – Seiko Watches, Hope Solo as Brand Ambassador

Seiko Watches and Solo on the Scene

Sports and luxury watches are not an uncommon combination, as in this case with renowned and talented professional soccer goalie Hope Solo and Seiko watches. The team seems logical as they both represent the ability to stand the test of time in their respective professional fields.

While it is not expected that this partnership will yield a soccer watch sporting a soccer field on the dial of a Seiko, they are, in fact, sharing a Sportura watch model to seemingly attach certain athletic terminology to its latest creation. Designed for women, this quartz chronograph can understandably catch the eye of women in athletics and those with active lifestyles.

What better way to advertise its newest line and undeniably elegant luxury watch? Buyers can expect to enjoy its obvious design aimed to please women who present stability and confidence while wanting to exude elegance in more delicate and somber surroundings. This multiple scenario watch gives the sense of grace under pressure with its ceramic bezel of white, a rose gold plating – a sensitive shade of color creating a softness to the senses – and a mother-of-pearl dial to compliment the entire watches design and color scheme.


Sportura exudes a sporty look.

Another notable watch is the “Astron”, Seiko’s accomplishment to introduce a technological feat to the world of watch-making. Boasting rights for the first solar-powered watch with GPS capability goes to Seiko watches creative team.

An absolute marvel and remarkable example of dedication and vision, the 47 mm Astron was created using more than 100 patents. Colors chosen are indicative of the technology it possesses; blue markers surrounded by a stainless steel case and a silicon strap. Keep in mind that this will be a limited edition luxury watch with Seiko only producing 2,500 of the Astron model.

With Hope Solo at the helm, the jewelry style Courtura and more sporty Sportura watches are aimed to please a wide array of fans, enthusiasts, and athletically minded clients, this new line… and the alignment with sport icon Hope Solo, should address their desires and establish Seiko watches as a very real, and very determined luxury watchmaker.


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