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Tennis Endorsement Deals for Watch Ambassadorships

Tennis Endorsement Deals for Watch Ambassadorships

As professional tennis grows in popularity around the world, famous watchmakers call on the pros to wear their designs. It seems the higher ranked the player, the more value they gain in their luxury jewelry deals. As the top tennis stars win titles and gain the top ranking, watchmakers are make the call to feature the stars in their as campaigns. Watchmakers are attracted to these athletes not because of the athletic prowess and status, but because of what they represent in the public eye. They are role models that maintain class in and out of their sport.

Most notably, ATP Tennis 3rd ranked Roger Federer has held a lucrative deal with Swiss watchmaker Rolex for quite sometime now. As Federer held the number one spot for a record 5 years his fame grew and his mannerism were well perceived by the public. Not to mention he hails from the luxury watch capital, Switzerland; he was destined for a Rolex sponsorship.

It seems that Federer even started this trend of tennis players becoming an attraction for luxury watchmakers. The Spanish #2, Rafael Nadal, recently picked up a sponsorship with luxury Swiss Watchmaker Richard Mille. Nadal has boasted two Mille watches that cost a total of $800,000.  Other tennis stars making a splash with luxury watch deals are Russian Maria Sharapova with Tag Heuer, Dane Carolina Wozniacki with Rolex, Serb Novak Djokovic with Audemars Piguet and Belgian Kim Clijsters with Citizen.

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