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Green Milgauss 116400 with Custom Engraving

Green Milgauss 116400 with Custom Engraving

A beautiful timepiece like the hand-engraved green Rolex Milgauss watch is a feat of both design and engineering. This is a truly unique watch. It features design elements that make it capable of withstanding some of the most extreme environments. And it does this all the while looking like an elegant, high-end watch. Only Rolex has the ability to combine form and function in this truly unique way. Since Rolex watches last a lifetime and beyond, many people like to give their watches a bit more of a personalized look.

This is where aftermarket additions come in. Sometimes people will add additional precious gemstones to watches to create a more unique look and feel. Others prefer to personalize their pieces by having them engraved with unique designs. This green Rolex Milgauss watch features one-of-a-kind aftermarket engraving. This takes what is a stunning and beautiful watch and gives it a whole new level of unique glamour and elegance.

One of the great things about the Milgauss watch is that it has design elements that allow it to withstand even extreme environments. Since the watch was designed in tandem with scientists and engineers, it needs to handle the environments they work in. When the first Milgauss saw its introduction in the 1950s, it was in response to newer and more extreme environments that scientists and engineers found themselves in.

The result is a truly unique watch that combines form and function into a piece of art and engineering genius.

Stunning Timepieces for All Occasions

Rolex has a long history of making some of the most high-end and elegant timepieces. But what makes the company really unique is that there is just as much focus on the internal workings of the watch as there is on the design. This means you get a truly high-end watch that has top-of-the-line features inside and out. Rolex has long been a name we associate with class and glamour, but it didn’t get this reputation just because the watches look nice. They are also feats of engineering that feature pieces that are only made by Rolex and are some of the most advanced of their kind.

And, with all this in mind, the watch is one of the most versatile accessories available. The Milgauss watch is elegant enough to pair with formal attire, but not so formal that you can’t also wear it with a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. There aren’t many high-end accessories that have this much versatility. This is a watch that can go from day to night with real ease. From a day in the office to a night out with friends, the Rolex Milgauss watch will easily pair with pretty much anything.

And, you get the luxury and elegance that we associate with Rolex watches.

Luxury and Elegance

rolex milgauss 116400

Luxury and elegance are two of the words that are easily associated with the Rolex brand. This is because they strive to continually innovate while maintaining their commitment to using only the finest materials and most cutting-edge engineering. The reputation for quality and luxury is something the company continues to earn. They have a key focus on the internal workings of their watches and even develop many of their own parts that are only available on Rolex watches.

This commitment to quality inner workings as well as outside design is just part of what allows Rolex to maintain its reputation as one of the finest watchmakers in the world. Only the finest materials will feature in these watches. And they all feature Swiss-born craftsmanship, engineering, and design. This means the watches have a quality that is apparent to the naked eye and are versatile enough that they can work with such a large number of different looks for pretty much any social occasion. There aren’t many accessories that are as versatile as a high-end timepiece, especially one by Rolex. 

The brand has a long association with luxury and class and it continues to earn this reputation by creating timepieces that push forward the field of watchmaking.

The History of Rolex

Though it saw its start in London, the Rolex company quickly decides to move its operations to Switzerland. The move proves to be serendipitous. The country has a long association with some of the finest watchmaking in the world. This is a reputation the country maintains to this day. So it makes sense that any high-end watchmaker would want to take advantage of the quality engineering and craftsmanship of Swiss watchmakers.

The company has a long association with innovation and making high-end timepieces that are both elegant and stunning to look at, as well as marvels of design and engineering. Rolex holds a number of patents. Many of these are for internal workings and mechanisms, but they also hold patents for bracelet styles and materials as well. This is just another thing that allows the company to maintain exclusivity and makes these watches one-of-a-kind. The focus on blending form and function is what allows the company to continue to innovate to this day.

They make a wide range of different watches that feature cutting-edge design and engineering elements that make them a unique blend of form and function that we can wear on our wrist. 

The Rolex Milgauss Watch

rolex milgauss front view

The Milgauss by Rolex is a truly pioneering watch. It features design elements that make it suitable for the most stringent engineers, scientists, and other enthusiasts. The watch is an anti-magnetic watch that can withstand up to 1,000 gausses, hence the name of the watch. 

Mille is French for one thousand, so the name simply means it is safe for use in areas with magnetic fields of up to 1,000 gauss. This is the first watch that can withstand these elements and it is a unique blending of cutting-edge engineering and elegant design. 

There are a number of elements that set this style apart from other Rolex watches. It features an orange second hand in the shape of a lightning bolt. The watch has a unique look and feel with clean lines for great aesthetics. 

The watch features a green crystal and Rolex would introduce this crystal in 2007. As is often the case with Rolex, this was a first of its kind. The watch features a synthetic sapphire crystal that makes it easier to see the face of the watch. 

You can also find the Z-blue dial on these watches. In fact, the Milgauss is the only model that has the Z-blue dial. However, if you don’t want the blue dial, you can also find the Milgauss with a black dial and orange hour markers. The hour markers on all Milgauss watches feature a naturally luminescent material that gives the hour markers a blue glow in low or dark conditions. 

What allows the Milgauss to withstand such magnetic interference is the shield within the patented Oyster case. The shield is made from ferromagnetic alloys that surround the movement and protect it from intense magnetic fields. 


The Milgauss by Rolex is a self-winding automatic watch. This means you will never have to wind it by hand to ensure it keeps accurate time. The movement is a Calibre 3131 that is a Rolex creation. This movement makes the watch incredibly reliable and precise. 

The first Milgauss watch saw its introduction in the 1950s. During this time, many scientists and engineers were working in more extreme conditions and need timepieces that can withstand the elements they work in. Rolex would respond in 1956 with its first Milgauss watch. In fact, the watch was even taken to the research laboratory CERN to test its magnetic resistance.

While most of us don’t work in these extreme environments, we can still enjoy the cutting-edge science that makes this watch so unique. They also look beautiful and simply make a great daily wear wristwatch. 

Aftermarket Engraving

rolex milgauss back detail

The Milgauss watch by Rolex is a truly elegant and stunning watch. It features simple elegance in its design and a lot of focus on the internal workings of the watch. It has a unique look and feel that sets it apart even from other Rolex watches. With the emphasis on the watch being able to withstand magnetic fields and other elements, you can be sure that it can handle pretty much anything you have to throw at it. All the while, it looks great too. But some of us want something a little more unique.

This is why there are many people that have aftermarket elements added to their Rolex watches. This particular watch features aftermarket hand engraving that gives the watch a one-of-a-kind look and feel. The intricate design gives it an elegant and stunning look that sets it apart even from other Milgauss watches. This hand-engraved design gives the watch depth and detail that it wouldn’t otherwise have. And it is a true feast for the senses. The elegant design gives the watch an elegant profile and design that will catch the eye of anyone who sees it. The attention to detail and quality of the engraving is a sight to behold.

To have a piece like this is to have something that is unlike anything others have. You don’t get any more custom than a piece with hand engraving like this. 

Truly Unique and One-of-a-Kind

You really can’t get more unique than something that haws custom aftermarket elements. With this Rolex Milgauss 116400, you get all the design elements that make this watch iconic. But you also get something more. You get a one-of-a-kind design as well. This design features hand engraving that has a floral and swirling motif. This gives the bracelet and bezel of the watch a depth as well as a unique look.

One of the great things about this watch is that the engraving doesn’t take away from the versatility of the piece. Some aftermarket additions, while they look great, actually limit what the piece will look good with. However, with the Milgauss, the engraving just gives the watch a depth and elegance that further enhances the versatility of the piece. It is subtle enough that you can wear it with other pieces and it won’t clash. However, it is also unique enough that it can be the focal point of your look. A piece like this is an excellent option for someone who is looking for a piece to complete their signature look.

A watch like this is versatile enough that you can wear it daily with pretty much anything. However, it is also unique enough to be a piece that you only bring out for special occasions. Whatever you choose to use the piece for, we are sure you will love the elegant and stunning design as well as the custom hand engraving that covers the entirety of the piece. 

In Closing

When we think of elegance, class, and style when it comes to wristwatches, there isn’t a brand that epitomizes this more than Rolex. This company has a long history of innovation, as well as some of the highest quality design and craftsmanship available. The Rolex Milgauss is a unique feat of engineering and design. It maintains the subtle elegance and class that Rolex watches have a reputation for. However, it is features design features that make it durable and able to withstand some of the most extreme elements. 

The Milgauss 116400 is a true feat of engineering. Not only is it elegant and stylish, but it also has design features that allow it to withstand some of the most extreme conditions. This watch in particular is a truly stunning feat of craftsmanship. It has design features that allow it to withstand incredibly strong magnetic fields, hence the name of the model of watch. While it is made to handle extreme elements, it is also a beautiful piece of jewlery. 

A Rolex watch is one that can withstand the elements, stand the test of time, and look amazing while doing it. This is part of what makes this such an iconic and coveted watch brand. They have outdone themselves with the Milgauss 116400 and the hand engraving takes this watch to a whole new level of elegance and class.


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