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4 Classic Yellow Gold Rolex Watches That Are More Popular Than Ever

4 Classic Yellow Gold Rolex Watches That Are More Popular Than Ever

are yellow gold watches tacky

Rolex has been commissioning yellow gold for their watches since the very beginning. In 1945, the first Rolex Datejust was released and it was only available in yellow gold. As for Rolex sports watches, the use of yellow gold is more of a recent phenomenon. It wasn’t until the late 80s and 90s that Rolex created their first all yellow gold sports watches – the Daytona and the Yachtmaster, which was a brand new line of watches by the watchmaster maison Rolex…Now, seven decades later, yellow gold is still the quintessential look for Rolex dress watches and yellow gold sports watches are more popular than ever…

rolex yellow gold watches

Rolex has a manifold of yellow gold watch references, with some entirely yellow gold and other’s yellow gold in a two-tone contrasting composition. The options are plenty for the yellow gold Rolex lovers out there, even more so if you look to the second-hand market.

Today we will be looking at 4 all-yellow-gold Rolex watches, as seen above.

How many karats are gold Rolex watches

Rolex has always used 18k yellow gold. They use 18k rather than 24k as 18k gold is far more durable. 

The Rolex yellow gold alloy is entirely exclusive, being made in-house by Rolex themselves. It’s made using 750% (thousandths) pure gold with an extremely meticulous mixture of silver and copper. It is the perfect amalgamation for a yellow gold alloy that is equally durable and long-lasting as it is breathtaking.

are yellow gold watches out of style
Does Rolex’s yellow gold fade?

Rolex’s yellow gold will not fade. It may soften with time (becoming less shiny), but it will never lose its yellow gold luscious appearance. The alloy is truly flawless in its composition. 

If you want to do a professional Rolex polishing, you can get it looking brand new again. This is something that is only recommended if you really prefer a new look, as polishing is generally not good for resale value – People prefer “patina” for old and vintage Rolex watches. That said, if you are to get it polished, make sure it’s done by a professional, like Diamonds By Raymond Lee, as it must be polished with its original finishing technique (satin and/or high polished finishings).

All in all, yellow gold Rolex watches have a truly powerful luster and allure. They are the “gold-standard” of luxury watches (pun intended), offering a look that is as unrivaled in recognition as Rolex themself. 


Here are a few of our favorite yellow gold Rolex watches, all of which are for sale now at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

Rolex 16528 Daytona Zenith 18K Yellow Gold Champagne Serti Dial Watch

yellow gold daytona zenith for sale

The Rolex 16528 Daytona Zenith in yellow gold is one of the most talked-about yellow gold watches in history. It was introduced back in 1988 and it was the first generation of automatic Daytonas. This Rolex Daytona, along with the stainless steel version that was released at the same time, was the first to have a Zenith-based Rolex movement (Calibre 4030, a Zenith El Primero calibre movement with Rolex modifications).

The Rolex 16528 glows magnificently with an unadulterated yellow gold presence thanks to its completely 18k yellow gold makeup and Champagne Serti dial. It has an exemplary balance of sportiness and luxuriousness.

If you have an adoration for significant timepieces that feature distinctive details that are equally historic as they are stunning, the Rolex 16528 yellow gold Zenith Daytona is a must-have watch.

Full review of the Rolex 16528 Yellow Gold Daytona Zenith El Primero

See the full sales listing for the yellow gold Rolex Daytona Zenith, reference 16528.

Rolex 16628 Yacht-Master 18K Yellow Gold White Dial Watch

gold yachtmaster white dial for sale

The Rolex 16628 is one of the most striking sports watches that you will ever find. It is a style that is elegant and sophisticated yet sporty and brazen. It’s a watch that is perfect for everyday wear, business attire and ritzy occasions.

The yellow gold case is a sizable 40mm, so it makes a strong presence. Even under the water, where it can go down to 100m with full water resistance. 

The yellow gold Oyster bracelet integrates beautifully with the case, as does the bidirectional time-lapse bezel. A classic Yachtmaster feature.

Then, setting off the yellow gold, there is a clean white dial that contrasts beautifully, offering a look that is visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing…

Within the white dial you have yellow gold hour markers and Mercedes hands filled with a consummate amount of luminescent glow for dark settings. 

The Rolex 16628 is far from just a gorgeous timepiece, it is also one of Rolex’s most complicated watches. It’s the perfect example of “functionality meets aesthetics”. A true work of functional art. 

See the full sales listing for the yellow gold Rolex Yachtmaster reference 16628.

Rolex 16618 Submariner 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Bezel Blue Dial Watch

aftermarket yellow gold rolex

The yellow gold Rolex Submariner reference 16618 is one of the latest version of the Submariner, released back in the late 2000s. 

This particular watch has a few special aftermarket touches, which you can immediately discern if you know the Submariner line.

It has an aftermarket diamond bezel and an aftermarket sunburst blue dial. Take note, none of the modifications affect the functionality of this watch, as it still retains its impressive 1000ft water-resistant capability. 

The blue dial provides an incredible contrast to the otherwise all yellow gold features. Blue and gold compliment each other beautifully. The blue serves as a peaceful color for the gold, which is pure energy, vibrancy and extravagance. What’s more, 2020 is the year of blue, so its ultra fitting for the time. 

As for the diamond bezel, it adds to the lavishness of this watch, making it an exquisitely standout piece at any juncture. It’s a one-of-a-king sports watch that will be right at home with a suit and tie. 

If this Rolex 16618 Submariner caught your eye, you can see the full sales listing here.

Rolex 18038 18K Yellow Gold Mop Diamond Dial Bezel And Center Lug Watch

yellow gold rolex president for sale

The President is here! Nothing is more classic than a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date “President”. It is a yellow gold timepiece that has been worn by royalty and the elites of the world since its very first debut. 

This particular yellow gold Rolex President is entirely unique, as it features a few aftermarket customizations…

First, the dial is an aftermarket, official Mother of Pearl, one of the most sumptuous and sensuous dials in the game. The MOP dial provides an iridescent effect and truly distinct beauty. 

Second, the bezel has aftermarket round brilliant diamonds. And third, the bracelet features aftermarket diamonds at its center links.

All in all, the aftermarket diamonds and MOP dial work incredibly well with the yellow gold President watch, creating a look that is original and supremely eye-catching. Moreover, it was all done by a master watchmaker, so the detailing and craftsmanship is the definition of faultless perfection. 

See the full sales listing for this aftermarket Rolex Day-Date MOP President in yellow gold.

are yellow gold watches tacky

What does a yellow gold watch symbolize? 

Yellow gold watches symbolize purity, spending power and permanence. Even more so when it is a yellow gold Rolex, the most strongly valued watch brand in the world…and to ever exist. 

what rolex is a good investment
What a yellow gold Rolex says about you?

A yellow gold Rolex says a lot about someone. Fashion experts state it’s the look for a rugged classic man (and these days, a woman wearing a yellow gold watch shows she is strong-minded, confident and independent).

A yellow gold Rolex watch naturally offers a regal vibe. It declares sophistication and worldliness, without the wearer needing to say a word. 

What’s more, people notice you, instantly, so it says you are not afraid to be in the limelight, to be the center of attention. This is a clear expression of self-assurance, whether you want to make that statement or not.

Finally, the best thing about a yellow gold Rolex, in our opinion, is it is timeless. Although it’s not for everyone, it is surely a style that will never fade…

best metal for a timepiece

Are yellow gold Rolex watches popular or are they tacky and out of style?

People instinctively love yellow gold. It’s soft, luscious, and rich to the eyes. It is the king of precious metals, the most classic of all golds. It is so strongly embedded in our culture thanks to thousands of years of widespread desire. However, as with most things in the fashion world, trends come and go, and then they come back around. 

Yellow gold watches were the hottest look back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Everyone who could afford a yellow gold watch had one. Then, in the late 90s and 2000s, they fell out of favor for white gold and platinum, and even rose gold watches in more recent years (which are still on the rise). Completely yellow gold watches became somewhat of a beaten down trend, considered by many to be ostentatious and even tacky. A watch you’d expect to see on nefarious oligarchs, rich-kid wanksters, and old men who were simply stuck in the past…

However, in recent years, that has completely changed and yellow gold Rolex watches are back by popular demand. And not only for the watch industry, the jewelry industry as well. Yellow gold is being employed by all of the top jewelry and watch designers, and many young women and men alike are opting for yellow gold jewelry, engagement rings and watches.

Nowadays, vintage yellow gold Rolex watches are more sought after and popular than ever, with prices steadily increasing at auctions and in the secondhand market. Especially all yellow gold watches – we are talking bracelet, case, bezel and dial. 

So, the popularity for yellow gold-everything is certainly on the rise…and rightfully so, it is a stunning style. 

When it comes down to it, yellow gold is a timeless metal for jewelry and watches. So, if in 20 years it’s not the most favored look, eventually it will be again. Moreover, it will always be a safe investment, as gold only continues to rise in market value. Yellow gold has been around for millennia, so it’s surely not going anywhere. It is the definition of “perennially popular”. 

are yellow gold watches popular

Why are Yellow Gold Rolex Watches so popular?

One thing about a yellow gold Rolex is it holds value like no other. No one will ever look at a Rolex, no matter what metal is used, and think “that’s tacky” or “that’s not cool”. The brand demands respect and people give it to them. This is something that will never change. Rolex has earned that respect. They are the best at what they do.

diamonds by raymond lee timepieces
Are yellow gold Rolex watches worth it?

Yellow gold Rolex watches are undoubtedly worth it. They will never, EVER lose value. They are literally and metaphorically like gold. A yellow gold Rolex can be sold anywhere in the world, almost instantly. 

Moreover, they will always remain timeless and stylish. Their designs are ubiquitously loved and meant to last lifetimes (notice how that was plural). What’s more, yellow gold Rolex watches go with everything. So if you want to wear it every day, you can.

popular daytona timepieces

Can you wear a yellow gold Rolex every day?

One of the best things about yellow gold Rolex watches is it matches everything and it can be worn on any occasion. From a casual lunch with friends to a formal gathering, a yellow gold Rolex spells first-class style…This is another reason why yellow gold Rolex watches are so popular.

If you absolutely love yellow gold and you can afford it, get yourself a yellow gold sports watch like a yellow gold Sky-Dweller or Yachtmaster and a yellow gold dress watch like a Day-Date or a Datejust. That way you can wear the yellow gold sports watch in casual settings and a yellow gold dress watch for more dressy occasions. 

How do you match a yellow gold timepiece?

Although a yellow gold Rolex goes with anything, it will look striking paired with clothes of brown, beige, tan and other earthy tones. 

As for other jewelry, you can mix metals to a stunning effect. It is de rigueur for modern men and women. You can also pair it with other yellow gold jewelry for a more harmonious look.

However, if you want the most classic look possible, wear the yellow gold Rolex on its own. It’s all you need. Of course, if you have a wedding ring, that is perfectly fine to pair it with. All in all, no one could ever call you tacky with a yellow gold Rolex alone on your wrist. It’s classy, sophisticated and undeniably striking. 

Shop Yellow Gold Rolex Watches at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton


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