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Which engagement rings are most popular? Top 3 engagement ring styles

Which engagement rings are most popular? Top 3 engagement ring styles

When you first begin looking for an engagement ring it is the first step to a major milestone in life. Perhaps you and your partner will end up selecting the engagement ring together. Or maybe you will want the engagement to be a surprise event. Either way the engagement ring is the first step to getting one of the most important moments going. But how do you choose an engagement ring? What are the top engagement ring designers? What about the top engagement rings or the most popular engagement rings 2019 for that matter? When it comes to finding the best engagement ring cuts and settings we put together a list. While these were the trends for last year and in general among brides to be this is also a deeply personal choice. You know your partner better than anyone and so will know what style they will then prefer.

engagement ring styles

There are the modern engagement rings. The vintage ones that recall styles from the past. Then of course there are the ones that blend a little bit of both. These are the rings that perhaps take a special vintage cut or setting and mix them with modern touches. One major modern take that we see in the top engagement rings 2019 are diamonds. Obviously we are not talking about the main and centre stage solitaire diamond. Nor the side diamonds for those designs in the three stone rings or similar. These are small pave set diamonds either along the band or in a special halo feature. The halo is a series of smaller diamonds that surround the main stone. This can be done for a series of different diamond cuts. Some even have double or even triple halos! It is one of the most popular engagement rings 2019 upcoming trend.

3 top engagement rings 

While last year’s trend are a good indicator to look at when considering what engagement ring to buy we can also look at the all time. These are the hall of famers, the all time greats. The ones that are so ubiquitous and timeless that there is no arguing their value. Particularly if your partner is not always so keen on the latest trends and fads the classics are the best. These are the timeless engagement rings the best engagement ring cuts and settings that time would have. Overall from all of the different diamond cuts when it comes to engagement rings the top three are: 

diamond sizes for top engagement rings
  1. Round cut 
  2. Square cushion cut
  3. Diamond halo feature

As you might have expected the classic of classics in number one here on the list – the round cut diamond. This solitaire engagement ring made famous by one Tiffany & Co. with their round cut solitaire diamond engagement ring is one that will live on. It is a simple and timeless style for all the ease of wear and choice. It is a sleek look with a still truly unique touch. Now this list may not seem all that fair as the next two are not really diamond cuts! See the timeless trends are more of a generalized commonality in the designs and styles that are used. For example coming in at number two is the square cushion cut. Now the real diamond cut name is the cushion cut. However you can have elongated cushion cuts which tend to look more similar to the emerald cut diamonds. 

Otherwise you get the square cushion cut. This is a shorter and more balanced cut that looks well as the name would have it square. Finally the third on the list is the diamond halo feature which we’ve talked about.

Diamond halo rings 

The diamond halo is not at all a diamond cut. However it has made its way on to our three top engagement rings because over time it has become an absolute favorite. Whether there is one, two or even three diamond halos surrounding your engagement ring diamond it is a look that has taken. Not passing and not going anywhere adding accent diamonds like a halo to your engagement ring is sure to remain popular. While adding an obvious sparkle and shine to your engagement ring the halo also accentuates the size. Therefore if you choose to go for an ultra high clarity and quality diamond but affect the carat size of the diamond you can get. You can always add a diamond halo to add to the stone’s size. Further the halo can be modified and added on at a later date.

unique engagement ring cuts and settings

So if your partner decides to add one or two on that is possible. Further the diamond halo feature comes in a range and variety of styles. There are diamond halos with space between them and the centre stone. As well as halos with spaces between each other. This adds to a modern and detailed ring. Although this is not as popular as the others that are being featured on this week’s list. 

Top engagement ring designers 

We cannot talk about top engagement rings without getting into the top engagement ring designers. These are the people and brands crafting incredible rings. Whether they are the ones that maintain and uphold the classics. Or they are innovating and pushing through for the most modern looks. For example the Verragio collections with their intricate French beading or Henri Daussi with their unique pairs. Then of course there is the ubiquitous and forever leader whose little blue boxes have become as much a symbol as their name. These are the top engagement ring designers right now: 

top engagement ring designers

In no particular order these designer brands are some of the leading engagement ring creators. From their extensive collections of diamond and detail studded rings. To the classics featuring the single solitaire stone that became the iconic engagement ring. All of these rings are unique in their own way. Like the stories of the luxury designers behind them. These are the brands and names that crafted their own space within the world of engagement rings and luxury jewelry. However if the designer looks and styles are not the one for you do not worry. There are also very unique private label and custom made engagement rings. 

Private label and custom made engagement rings

For the private label engagement rings that we bring to the party we have precious stones in unique engagement ring cuts and settings. These are some masterfully crafted small batch creations. They are special in their very own ways. Some feature unique gem stones such as yellow diamonds. Our private label and custom made rings also fit into the most popular engagement rings 2019.

Made at our in house workshop featuring the latest and the greatest in technology. These rings bring together both the expertise of craftsmen who have been working with jewelry for decades as well as some of the finest materials. Truly a dynamic duo these private label engagement rings may not have the designer name. However they do have a designer’s heart. Whether you are the one designing your own bespoke ring. Or the jewelry craftsman who is the one bringing it to life. This kind of work takes the dedication and passion of an artisan.

Most popular engagement rings 2019

most popular engagement rings 2019

A striking combination for the most popular engagement rings 2019. For last year’s leading looks we had quite a lot of diamond halo rings. These ranged in a variety of different cuts. However they also featured a couple of classic diamond cuts including:

  • Cushion cut diamond engagement rings
  • Round cut engagement rings

As we have mentioned these are some of the most iconic and well known solitaire engagement ring diamond cuts. For them to be the most popular engagement rings 2019 is not really all that surprising. However another trend that was quite unique in its own right was the pear cut engagement rings. This is a unique engagement ring cuts and settings that like the Marquise cut diamond really changed things up last year.

Unique engagement ring cuts and settings

Last years top engagement ring styles included the truly unique engagement ring cuts and settings. These are the ones that you do not see all that often. The ones that bring a striking difference to the multitudes of round cut rings. The year of 2019 was one that was suredly secure for the pear cut engagement ring.

This unique cut features a sharp pointed end and a rounded opposite end. Like a tear droplet more than a pear but it does get its name from the namesake fruit. Pear cut diamond engagement rings are a relatively new trend when it comes to bridal and engagement jewelry. The one you see below features the modern diamond halo feature surrounding the pear diamond. As well as pave set diamonds all along the band of the ring. These additions take a very modern style engagement ring and not only add more dazzle and pizzaz but also make it even more modern. The diamond pear cut engagement ring can be done with almost any gemstone. From the classic white diamond to colorful editions like pink or yellow diamonds as well.

engagement ring styles showcase pear cut diamond with halo

Best engagement ring cuts and settings 

Let us analyse then which out of all of these rings are the best engagement ring cuts and settings. There are the classics which are all time favorites but may miss the mark with a more modern or unique personality bride. Then there are the modern and unique designs. But these may also be a bit far off the centre line. So how do you choose? Well there are two choices you can go with your gut or bring your partner in with you. Either way it is important to note that it is not always easy to get it right the first time around. It is totally ok if your fiancee to be chooses a different style than you would have. 

If this happens it is just a matter of visiting your local jeweler again. We are happy to accommodate couples whose choices or situations change. Maybe you need to look at some more styles. Or perhaps it is the perfect ring it just needs to be resized. For all of your engagement ring needs we at Diamonds by Raymond Lee are here to help you.

Where to buy the best engagement rings in South Florida? Diamonds by Raymond Lee, your premier local jeweler

Now that you know the top engagement rings and most popular engagement rings 2019 why not check some out? Both on our online store and in house we have a widely curated collection of top engagement ring designers. You can search by diamond cut, setting, designer or size. Otherwise drop by one of our showrooms to speak to an expert about your specific dream ring. We can show you all of our options and help you find the one for your style and budget. 

top engagement ring designers

Beyond our engagement and wedding bridal services we also offer a huge collection of fine jewelry. This comprises of jewelry for men and women. As well as luxury watches and bespoke services. This means we can craft iconic jewelry of your own design. Transform a piece of jewelry or luxury time piece of yours into a whole new look or even fix up a vintage to look brand new. 

Our locations:

You can find us at two convenient locations in Boca Raton. These are easily accessible from anywhere in South Florida. We are open every day of the week just make sure to check the times for which locations below! 

Let us know if you have any questions or if you are interested in buying any of the items featured here above. They are all for sale. Here is where, when and how you can reach one of us at the Diamonds by Raymond Lee team.

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