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Engagement rings for women –– how to choose them & how much to pay

Engagement rings for women –– how to choose them & how much to pay

engagement rings for women diamond solitaire rings

One of the most decisive moments in our lives is when we choose to partake in rituals to bring two lives together. That of our very own and of our partners. To combine two separate lives into one happy marriage. And it all starts with nothing more than an engagement ring. A single possibly most important question. And of course a diamond ring. The engagement ring is one that comes with so many questions before that crucial “Will you marry me?”. There is of course the question of what ring to choose. Whether you should select the ring yourself or bring your bride to be into the matter. How much to pay for an engagement. It all depends in the end on what your personal preference is and what you would like most to do. What you think your bride will prefer and how you envision the moment happening. 

solitaire engagement rings for women worn with diamond band

14k White Gold 1.29ct Round Brilliant GIA Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement rings for women come in a wide variety of different cuts, shapes, sizes, colors and of course settings. There are diamond engagement rings for every bride of any personality. From the romantic and classic styles inspired with vintage designs or modern takes using the latest capabilities of master craftsmen. As the decades (and centuries – yes the tradition of giving engagement rings getting engaged has been around that long) have gone on new methods have been developed. You can get rings with intricate detailing and masterful craftsmanship. This includes French beading and the combination of different fine and precious metals. All of these different aspects of course lead into and indicate the price of engagement rings. Each ring has considerably different features and price structures once you look at its parts. The main contributor though will of course be the central diamond stone of the engagement rings for women.

How to buy engagement rings for women

rings for getting engaged

When it comes to looking at a ring there are crucial parts of the ring. No do not be mistaken the ring is not one simple monolithic piece. Although it can be if you are looking for a band type of ring but we can dive into those another time. When it comes to buying engagement rings for women we should begin with the lucky lady in mind. It helps to look at rings that she already owns and prefers to wear. You can learn a lot about preferences from Pinterest boards as well as conversation without coming out and saying what your plans are. Although we do find that although lacking the element of surprise the couples that come in to find their perfect ring tend to enjoy it immensely. 

Beyond personal preferences it is important to consider what your budget is and how much you are willing to spend for which details. As we will go into detail below there are different parts of a ring and it is not always just the carat size or quality of the central diamond stone that will raise costs. If you are looking for a highly intricate ring setting for example then there are also considerations. 

how much to pay for engagement ring choices worn one on each finger

For now though let us continue to consider the more usually found rings when getting engaged – the diamond solitaire ring. These come in a variety of different combinations of styles but more on that later. First the parts of a ring that there are to discuss and if one wishes to do so have embellished. 

Parts of an engagement ring: 

  • Head
  • Prongs
  • Peg
  • Setting
  • Shoulder
  • Shank 

These are all of the different pieces if you will of an engagement ring. The head is where the diamond goes. It holds the central stone in place and is generally 14 carat white gold. However it is also sometimes swapped for rose of yellow gold if the central stone is a colorful diamond stone. That is because it accentuates the color. Then there are the prongs these are part of the head. They hold the actual diamond stone and there are generally four to six of them.

The peg is at the base of the head moving downwards. It plants a hole in the diamond to keep it in place securely. Important to note here is that not all rings have a peg. Now the setting is pretty much the entire ring (head and prongs included) minus the actual central diamond stone. These are sold without central stones. So they are ideal for those who have their own special heirloom of specific stone they would like to use. 

Finally there is the shoulder which is the part of the ring that sits beside the main central diamond to the left and right of it. This is where accent or additional stones may be added for a three stone style for example – again more on that below. The shank is simply put the band at the very bottom that wraps around your finger. Making these the totality of an engagement ring. 

emerald cut diamond engagement rings for women

Platinum 5.02ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement ring styles

Now all of these parts can be adjusted and tweaked as well as added onto. There are for example halo engagement rings that feature accent diamonds surrounding the central stone. These can be doubled up and made even more intricate and complex by mixing the different types of metals or precious stones used. Or even by creating floating halos that surround the stones while leaving spaces between them. Then there are the three stone ring styles that we talked about earlier and even mixed stone rings featuring unique diamonds.

Take for example this ultra unique 18 carat white gold GIA certified pink pear shape diamond engagement ring. It features a stunning pink diamond stone in the centre. As well as small pink accent diamonds set in colorful gold to re-emphasize their color.

pink pearshape diamond engagement rings cost

18k White Gold GIA 1.01ct Pink Pearshape Diamond Engagement Ring

There are many different options such as this and others when it comes to engagement rings. So can you see how there is no one set answer to how much an engagement ring should cost? Let us have a look at some of the price ranges depending on the type of engagement ring you are looking at.

How much do you pay for an engagement ring? 

Now that we know the different functional parts of a ring we can begin to look at how much it will cost. The material of which the ring will be made out of is the first and main important figure. Let us look at some of the settings for sale in different metals for example. For a platinum engagement ring setting –– how much should that engagement ring cost? It can vary on the weight or thickness of the setting as well as accent diamonds set in it. However the cost can range from $1-2k all the way upwards to five digits. That of course is not only based on the materials like accent diamonds but also the intricacy of the design. Designer engagement rings also cost more and tend to be the more detailed of the rings. Like for example Tacori engagement rings or Henri Daussi designer rings. 

Platinum is the most expensive of all the precious metals so you can imagine how the price of others like yellow, rose and white gold will vary. Our curated collection of fine engagement rings means we cater to every budget. So whether you are looking for a super intricate ring to dazzle or a more conservative traditional ring we have them all. Even luxury brands like Verragio craft for engagement ring price points that are accessible as well. They also have highly crafted rings starting in the mid $1,000s. Another viable option are the Gabriel & Co. engagement rings. The price of engagement rings settings from these designers can be even below $1,000. Which gives you more room when selecting the loose diamond to set.

engagement rings for women

Where to get the best engagement ring price

When it comes to getting engaged you want to find a jewelry store that you can trust. Your engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. Throughout your life it will need care and maintenance. And who doesn’t want the peace of mind of being able to go to the jeweller who sold you the engagement ring in the first place? Finding a local jewellery store is the best way to ensure that you get the very best deal and service. Our family has been in the business of happily ever afters for more than three decades. Passionate about what we do our community of couples bring their symbols of love to us for care and eventual repairs or resizes as needed. They know they can trust our in house workshop and master craftsmen. Who they themselves create stunning engagement rings too. 

Whether they are custom made engagement rings or stunning pieces for our own private label collection these experts live and breathe fine jewelry. Another aspect we pride ourselves on is our in store financing options. Because after all the engagement ring price may not be a cash purchase. Therefore we do our very best to make it easy and convenient for our clients to purchase using our program.

engagement rings for women worn alongside diamond bands

Financing engagement rings

When it comes to financing engagement rings we have a couple of different options. First there are our in store offers. We have a special 0% financing for in-store purchases only. The vast majority of our unique hand picked selection is available on these terms but some brand restrictions do apply. 

For our online customers we also offer special financing options including a 6 month interest free financing through PayPal. A trusted partner that is well known. Finally we also offer flexible payment options through another trusted partner Affirm. This financing option we are happy to tell you is available to customers both online and in store. One is of course subject to credit approval from our partners. We are happy to chat to you about what your options are and what we can offer you to get the ring of your dreams. 

If you are interested in one of our special financing options or want to get more information just give us a call or drop by one of our stores to speak to a specialist. Our Diamonds by Raymond Lee Financing Program is made so that the purchase of a lifetime can be just as happy as your journey to happily ever after. Find out more about how you can reach us below.

Best engagement ring stores in South Florida – Diamonds by Raymond Lee 

price of engagement rings

For that most special moment in life please know that you can reach out to us for any of your concerns. We are here to assist you in the journey that is finding the perfect engagement ring for your bride to be (or for yourself!). Our stores are filled with passionate experts that are ready to help. As people persons there is nothing better than helping someone make an informed decision about such an emotionally and life important purchase. For the last three decades that we have been in the business of love and we look forward to another thirty years to come.

A family business we strive to be the best engagement ring store in South Florida. Offering our refined clientele the selection and payment options that they need. It is our goal to offer superior service so come on down to one of our stores and relax while one of our experts can show you through our collection. Otherwise you are welcome to peruse it yourself, whether online or in person.

Let us know what engagement rings for women you are interested in the comments below. If you are interested in learning more about any of the brands featured here reach out to us or check out our stores anytime. Our diamond and engagement ring specialists are ready to welcome you. 


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