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New Diamond Jewelry and Luxury Watches at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

New Diamond Jewelry and Luxury Watches at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

new pink diamond jewelry

Do you want to see what’s new and dazzling in the world of diamond jewelry and luxury Swiss watches? Great! Because today we are presenting some of the fresh, new additions to our extensive jewelry and luxury watch collections at Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton?

new diamond jewelry boca raton

We have new diamond rings and diamond necklaces, some with fancy color stones, some white as the Arctic snow…AND, we have new luxury Swiss watches that you are bound to fall in love with. 

So, get ready to have your breath taken away by exquisitely stunning jewelry and watches from Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers. 

New Fine Diamond Jewelry and Luxury Watches at Diamonds by Raymond Lee & Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton

new jewelry on the market

Although we have all types of new diamond jewelry at Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton, in this feature we are going to focus on some of our new diamond rings and diamond necklaces. 

You can view the full sales listings for each item by following the associated links within this post.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s new online and at our state-of-the-art showroom in Boca Raton.

fancy yellow diamond necklace boca raton

14K White Gold 55.31Ctw Of Large Fancy Yellow And White Diamond Necklace

fancy color diamond jewelry boca raton

New to our collection of jaw-dropping fancy yellow diamond jewelry is this 14K white gold 55.31 carat fancy yellow and white diamond necklace.

It features a whopping 46.51 carats of bezel set cushion cut fancy yellow diamonds.

And, 8.80 carats of G color, VS clarity, round brilliant white diamonds, which are the accent diamonds that create the halo around all of the yellow diamond centerpieces. 

This absolutely stunning piece has an equally stunning price tag of $375,000.

18k Two Tone Gold 4.51ctw Diamond Engagement Ring

fancy colored diamond engagement ring

To match the fancy yellow diamond tennis necklace, here we have a new private label two toned diamond engagement ring.

This gorgeous, vintage-style engagement ring highlights a 3.01 carat fancy yellow emerald cut diamond centerpiece with two trillion shaped white diamond side stones. 

The ring itself, which is 18k white gold, has an ornate design that takes the uniqueness level up to 10. 

Altogether, the ring has beautiful contrast, allowing the yellow diamond to pop in all of its grandeur.

If you like this piece, you can purchase it for $32,995 online or at our showroom in Boca Raton.

new luxury swiss watches boca raton

Wide Diamond Eternity Ring

wide diamond ring boca raton

Here we have an beautiful 18k white gold diamond ring

It may appear to be a continuous loop of pavé diamonds, however, the diamonds only cover the top half of the band. The other half is smooth and shiny 18K white gold. This style of design allows for maximum comfort and maximum sparkle to the wearer and anyone who gets in its line of sight.

The pavé set diamonds are G color grade and VS clarity, and they total to 3.67 carats. 

If you’d love a white diamond ring that stands out from the rest, this is a smart and elegant choice.

Price: $9,596

Rolex Datejust

New Swiss Rolex Datejust Watches

New to our collection of luxury Swiss watches is this Rolex Datejust 116234.

This elegant dress watch from the Datejust 36 collection is crafted from stainless steel and polished to perfection. It features an eye catching and visually stunning blue dial with diamond hour markers. 

The case is 36mm, the bezel is fluted, the bracelet is a traditional Jubilee, and the watch is brand new. 

All in all, this is a timepiece that can do now wrong. 

You can get this Rolex Datejust 116234, with its original box and papers, for an unbeatable price of $8,995.

new used luxury watches

18K Rose Gold 25.07Ctw Pink Diamond And Emerald Double Puma Collar Necklace

puma pink diamond necklace

Have you ever seen anything so unique, so distinct, and so animalistic? 

This is one of our favorite new additions to our collection of fancy colored diamond necklaces.

It is a puma motif rose gold pink round brilliant diamond collar necklace that will surely bring all eyes on you. 

The double headed puma faces, which feature 4 marquise cut emeralds for eyes, will rest just on your collar bone, facing each other with an intimidating stare down that one could only expect from real live pumas. 

If you love extravagant, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and you feel “pretty in pink”, this is the necklace for you.

Price: $75,995

Cross Over Ring Three Golds

diamond crossover ring

With an exquisite piece like the puma motif rose gold pink diamond necklace, it’s only right to present an equally exquisite diamond ring.

Here we have our new three toned (rose, white and yellow gold), diamond crossover ring.

The mixed metal trend is huge, so why not combine it into one piece!

Each of the 3 ergonomic rings, which are of the same shape but different precious metals, crosses and twists and turns in-between each other to create one massively stunning, full finger (under the knuckle) diamond ring. 

This one simply can’t be missed. It’s an attention grabber with unequivocal beauty and grace. 

Price: Contact us for pricing and availability

Rolex 69318 Datejust Masterpiece 18K Yellow Gold Ladies Watch

new luxury yellow gold ladies rolex datejust watches boca raton

This Rolex 69318 is another special new addition to our Rolex ladies’ collection.

It is an ultra luscious and luxurious timepiece crafted from 18K yellow gold. The bezel features 12 factory-set brilliant diamonds and at the face of the watch is a classic white Roman dial.

The case is 29mm, so it is a petite timepiece, perfect for a special gathering, a fancy night out, or even a casual brunch with the ladies.

If being “classy” and “sophisticated” comes natural to you, then naturally you are going to love the Rolex 69318 Masterpiece. 

Price: $14,250

cluster diamond necklace

Cluster Multi Shape Diamond Necklace

This is a special diamond necklace that we don’t have listed on our website, but it is available at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. We have it saved for our premium customers, but if you are interested, all you have to do is ask. 

It is a breathtaking multi-shaped cluster diamond necklaces that has a wonderful nature-esque vibe to it. 

The necklace consist of pear, round and oval shape white diamonds in a free form setting. 

This necklace was made for a tasteful and refined woman who loves a vintage chic look. 

Price: Contact us for pricing and availability

Platinum Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

pear shaped diamond engagement ring south florida

Although the pear shaped diamond engagement ring is a classic style that has been around for ages, it is currently one of the hottest trends in the engagement ring market right now…

…and this pear shaped engagement ring tops the list.

Modern pear shaped diamonds like this one are as brilliant as a round brilliant diamond (which is said to be the diamond with the most sparkle). 

This particular engagement ring has a massive 6.21 carat pear shaped diamond resting on top using a 5 prong setting…

You’ll notice there is a v-shaped prong at the tip as to protect it (the tip is the most fragile part of this fancy diamond shape).

Moreover, the ring is crafted from platinum.

Thus, this pear shaped diamond engagement ring is not only absolutely stunning, but it is also meant to last through generations, being passed down as a family heirloom. 

Price: $58,995.

new jewelry and luxury watches south florida

Piaget G0A29116 Black Tie 18K Rose Gold Diamond On Leather Strap Watch

piaget black tie diamond watch

When we saw this Piaget diamond watch, we had to add it to our collection of high end luxury watches. 

It is a Piaget G0A29116 Black Tie watch. The rectangular case, which we must say is a refreshing shape and so “Piaget”, is formed (mostly by hand) from 18K rose gold and is set with countless round brilliant diamonds. 

It comes with a brown leather strap, factory made, which integrates perfectly with the brown Roman dial.

But this watch isn’t just about jaw-dropping good looks, it also is intelligent (aka complicated).

This Piaget watch has two sub dials and a date display, which are all super original in design.

The subdials are in the shape of a hand fan. If you aren’t familiar, hand fans have been associated with wealth and royalty for literally millenniums. It dates back to Egyptian and Babylonian royalty.

So, as you can imagine, this watch is made for the elite.

If that’s you, this watch is at your beck and call.

Price: $48,000 

You also notice she is wearing some rose gold diamond rings and hoop earrings – See more new diamond rings and diamond hoop earrings.

new luxury watches south florida

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

marquise diamond vintage engagement ring

Here we have another vintage-style engagement ring to die for… Well, better yet, to live for…live for a very long time for, that is…because this engagement ring will be hard to give up, even on your death bed at age 95. Thankfully, your loved ones will greatly appreciate this heirloom when that day comes…

Ok, enough with the prognostication. Let’s talk about the ring.

It is a large and in charge platinum 5 carat marquise cut diamond halo engagement with incredibly intricate detailing. 

The first halo around the marquise diamond consists of 26 baguette diamonds while the second halo is made up of 18 round brilliant diamonds. There are also three baguette diamonds on each side where the band connects to the centerpiece. 

Additionally, all along the edges you have filigree detailing.

With all of these aspects combined, we are left with one of the most stunning vintage-inspired rings in market. 

Price: $59,995

Rolex 116200 Datejust Diamond Bezel White Dial Stainless Steel Watch

new swiss watches

This is a pre-owned Rolex Datejust 116200. We recently bought this from a local resident of South Florida. The watch is in great condition and now part of our vast Rolex collection (one of the largest collections of Rolex watches in South Florida!).

The Datejust watch displays a bezel with round brilliant diamonds set along the entire circumference. These are aftermarket diamonds, mind you.

This Rolex Datejust has the classic 36mm Oyster case and Oyster bracelet, both crafted from Stainless Steel. And the dial is pearl white. It’s a no-nonsense kind of dial. Elegant and clean. However, it does have a splash of liveliness thanks to the red numerals in the date display (you don’t see this often! It is a rare feature).

If this Rolex catches you eye, it can be yours for just under 7 grand.

Price: $6,995

Emerald Long Halo Engagement Ring – See More Private Label Engagement Rings at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton

You’ll also notice an emerald halo engagement ring on her left hand in the picture above. 

This is just one of many new diamond engagement rings available at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

If you want to see more, you can shop for emerald cut diamond engagement rings here.

Now, let’s take this photoshoot outside…

rose gold pear halo diamond engagement ring

14K Rose Gold Gia Certified 1.31Ct Pear Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

pear engagement ring best price boca raton

Combining two of the hottest trends in engagement rings – rose gold and pear diamonds – we have a 14K rose gold GIA certified 1.31 carat pear shaped diamond halo engagement ring

The color, shape and pure beauty of this engagement ring is utterly captivating. 

For men, if you want to make a glorious impression during your proposal, this ring will definitely do the trick.

For ladies, this ring will be one you can proudly show to your friends and family. 

Unfortunately, yet fortunately, there is only one of these rings waiting for that lucky person.

Price: $10,945

emerald cut eternity ring

Platinum 9.78Ctw Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band

eternity ring in boca raton

The final piece we want to present to you today in this “new jewelry at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton” post, is a wondrously striking platinum 9.78 carat emerald cut diamond eternity band.

You see, what women doesn’t love an eternity band? That’s right, every woman loves this dazzling style of jewelry that marks a special milestone in her life and/or relationship.

And when you have an eternity ring of this calibre, that love gets turned up all the way up. 

This eternity ring uses long emerald diamonds, which produce a hall of mirrors, flashing effect when light touches it. It’s an original style that you won’t see on the streets or fancy parties often, even down here in South Florida where high end jewelry is extremely prominent. 

So, if you looking for a remarkably exclusive and extraordinarily ravishing eternity ring, this one is a great choice.

Price: $64,050.

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