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What is Special About Rolex Submariner Watches 

What is Special About Rolex Submariner Watches 

What is special about the Rolex Submariner Watch?

Under no condition is picking up a Rolex submariner watch a mistake. If you have been a lover of the Rolex Submariner for a while, you already know this. And if you are not, it is not too late to add the Rolex submariner to your collection. You would be glad you did! 

Although the love for a thing as subjective as a watch is more about preference. There is something about the Rolex Submariner watch that unites many people in love with it. 

What is Special About The Rolex Submariner Watch? 

Like most Rolex watches, these features are special for Rolex Submariner: 

  • They Make a Great First Impression

We have heard for years to not judge a book by its cover. While this may be worthy advice, a good first impression is still stellar! Any brand, goods, or object that can hold the attention of people at first glance has an edge. 

They designed Rolex watches to impress at first glance. The Rolex Submariner is not an exception. From the logo to the crown of the watch, it is not easy to miss it even in a big crowd. 

  • They Hold Their Value 

Sometimes, you get tired of a particular type of Rolex submariner. You either want to upgrade or sell the one you have. With any Rolex submariner watch, you do not have to fear that you will lose if it comes to this. Most Rolex watches will always hold their value after years. So that whenever you want to sell or upgrade, you do not have to break the bank to do that. 

  • They are Durable

Rolex watches have been around for a while. So, if you have ever used one, you already know that they built them to last. All types of Rolex watches including the Rolex Submariner watch will last long. They have made the watch with an oyster case to protect them from moisture. They are also protected from dust and bad weather. 

  • The readings are precise

Apart from the aesthetics, you can  trust Rolex Submariner to be precise. 

In the face of the most rigorous activities, this watch will hold its own. One thing is for sure; Designers of Rolex watches have precision as a priority. They dedicate everything to working the movements of the watch for new technology. And they seem to be succeeding. 

Before now, Rolex Submariner did not have everything figured out. It started its journey from a place. 

How did Rolex Submariner Grow into What It Is Today?

How did Rolex Submariner Grow into What It Is Today? 

In the beginning, watchmakers wanted to create a waterproof product? With the right amount of effort, they got things right. And of course, in 1954, the first Rolex Submariner debuted at a Swiss watch fair. 

They designed this watch for deep-sea diving. A true waterproof design – first of its kind. While it was not perfect from the first product, it had important features. Features that showed that the purpose for creating the watch was not in vain. 

During production, the watch was submersible up to 980 feet or 300 meters. There were other waterproof watches before the submarine watch. But, the Submariner came to become number one. 

Over the years, the watchmakers have worked to improve the features of the watch with newer models. 

One of the proofs of their success is the fact that celebrities seem to be enamored with this watch. In recent times, we have been able to link the Rolex Submariner watch to some popular people. And of course, we have seen it in important places. 

We have seen the Rolex Submarine in Eleven James Bond Movies. We have seen Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Sean Connery wearing this watch. 

Of course, they all have the Rolex Submariner watch in common. Sometimes, there are features that make each of the watches unique. 

Features of Rolex Submariner Watches

Features of Rolex Submariner Watches 

While these watches have things in common, they also have their differences. As we can register growth in other spheres of life, there have been upgrades for the watch too. 

To differentiate the grades of a Rolex Submariner watch, you need to learn about the features. A good way to start is by visiting here to check out the different types of Rolex Submariner.  

Stainless Steel Models

Under the stainless steel models, we have:

  • The Black Rolex Submariner Model #16610

The combination of the clean lines and sharp black faces make the Black Rolex stand out. 

The intricate design is also encased in beauty. And as expected, has the steel bracelet. Does this sound like something you want to own? Well, the price ranges from $4,500- $6,000. 

  • The Black Rolex Submariner Model #14060

The #14060 model is a replica of the #16610 model except it has no date. And for collectors, the fact that it has no date makes it more valuable. They prefer watches that have no date. This is because they believe that these types are more balanced in visuals. It is not a surprise that the numbers of these watches are small. As for the price, it ranges from $4300 – $ 5,500. 

  • The Rolex Submariner Green Anniversary Model #16610LV

With the green anniversary model, you get automatic winding. You also get other trucks like luminous markers. 

  • The Black Rolex Submariner Green Dial Model #116610LV

After the Rolex Submariner had been around for 50 years, the founders celebrated. They designed the Green dial model to celebrate. This watch is peculiar for its green bezel and Maxi dial. And it has become pricey because collectors seem to love the green dial model. Right now, the price ranges from $8,000 – $9,500. 

  • The Rolex Submariner Ceramic Bezel Model #116610

The model is waterproof. It has a 40mm stainless steel case, and a screw-down crown. It also features a black dial which has a white Luminova hour marker. 

Two-Tone Models (18k and Steel)

For two-tone models, you would find the following features:

  • The Rolex Submariner Two-tone Models #16613

Here is a special model that has an easy rotating ceramic bezel. Before they created this model, the designers had a purpose for it. With the 32- jewel movement and self-winding technology, the designers achieved their aim. Wondering what the purpose is? Well, like for other watches, they aimed for this one to be worry-free. And of course, to also serve its purpose as a timepiece. 

  • The Rolex Submariner Two-tone Models #116613

When a blue face combines with bright hands and luminous markers you get brilliance. Such is the case with the model of the Rolex Submariner watch. 

The designers aimed for a look that is easy on the eye. So, they mixed an 18 Karat yellow gold with steel. Yes, they achieved their aim because it is hard to not take a second glance at this beauty. 

The price range of the Rolex Submariner two-tone model #116613 is from $9,000 – $12,500. 

  • The Rolex 18k Gold Submariner Model #16618

This model has existed for a while. They designed it in 1990, and it has proven its value over the years. From the name, we can tell that the major feature is the 18k Gold oyster bracelet. 

  • The Rolex 18k Gold Submariner Model #116618

In 2007, another Rolex Submariner came alive! This model has been ever since, and is now called the Rolex Submariner. 

The combination of black dial, white luminous markers. And of course, the 18k gold oyster bracelet and Glidelock clasp are superior. We can see the beauty of the combination in this Rolex model. The watch is worth a lot more than other types. The price is set to range between $25,000 h- $30,000. 

Getting any type of Rolex Submariner from the above is great. You would be using your money to get something designed to serve you for real. Yes, there is a guarantee that this watch will serve you. The best way to pay back after buying is to also serve the watch in your capacity. How can you serve your watch? In simple terms, you need to care for it! Taking care of your watch comes in different forms. 

How to care for your Rolex Submariner Watches

How To Care For Your Rolex Submariner Watch? 

  • Wear it Well

The way you wear your Rolex Submariner watch matters. It not only says a lot about who you are, it also says if the watch will stand the test of time. 

If you want to use an hour Rolex Submariner watch for as long as you can, you need to wear it well. 

You write a letter to scratches and blemish when you refuse to wear it well. And, the scratches may grow to become worse. These damages will cost you a lot if you must repair. 

To be safe, it is always better to avoid getting a scratch. How do you do this? It is simple. You start by ensuring that the winding down crown is fit. The screw-down players on the Rolex at Daytona to be very important. 

  • Store it Well

If you wear your Rolex Submariner the right way, you have done well. But, there is more. What do you do after pulling the watch off? For safety and security, it is best to keep your watch in a box. If it does not come with a box, you could use a safe. As long as you keep the watch to protect it from harm, you are good to go.

While the watch is in the safe, you also want to keep it far from electronics. 

  • Clean it Well

Caring for your Rolex Submariner should not be stopped at storing. You have the duty to ensure that it is always clean. 

To achieve this, you might want to create a cleaning schedule. Your schedule should depend on how often you wear your Rolex Submariner watch, of course. For instance, you may need to organize a weekly wash if you wear the watch every day. And if you don’t wear it every day, you might reschedule. It is important that you clean because dirt causes the watch to look dull. 

You will need warm water and mild soap. The soft brush is also vital. With all the right tools, you would reach the lugs and between bracelet links. Places that may be difficult to wash without the tools. 

  • Up keeping of your Watch

Before you service the watch, it is possible you notice scratches on your watch. While nothing detrimental will happen if you don’t, you might clean up some blemishes yourself. With some household resources, it would not take time or too much effort. 

First of all, the polishing paste is always useful. It helps to keep your watch shining and looking new. You may also need other resources like clothes to take away the scratches. 

  • Servicing your Watch

The ideal thing to do once in a while if you own a role is to service it. This time, you should not be the one doing the service or care. You either use a watchmaker or Rolex service center. Both will do the job for you. But, it may be at differing prices. So, before picking the right service, you should consider the right fit. Things like the cost, value, and length of time are crucial. So, you make decisions based on these things. 


Rolex Submariner watches stand out among their peers in longevity, brilliance, and beauty. So, never doubt that they deserve your love and commitment. 

The fact that the Rolex Submariner watch has many variants is beautiful. But you know what else is pleasing? The fact that the watch has the guarantee to stand the test of time. 


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