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Black and Colorless Diamond Ring: Unique and Stylish

Black and Colorless Diamond Ring: Unique and Stylish

Unique jewelry like a black and colorless diamond ring is a great way to show off your own unique and personal style. We all have our own fashion sense but don’t always know how to express it. The use of really unique stones like black diamonds makes for dramatic and really elegant jewlery. Most people just think of diamonds as sparkly colorless stones. While this is, indeed, the most popular form of diamonds, there are actually far more than just colorless stones. Black diamond jewlery is a really bold way to show off the quality and depth of a unique form of a diamond. 

There is actually a whole rainbow of diamond options. Jewelers call these fancy colored diamonds and they come in a wide range of hues from black, as we look at here, to pink or even yellow. What gives these stones their color is the presence of different trace elements that alter the overall color of the stone. The rule of thumb is, the richer and deeper the hue of the stone, the rarer it is. You should also understand that this means the price tag for these stones will also be higher. But we know our clients appreciate the unique style and the utmost quality and this is what we are here to provide, regardless of your budget or fashion sense. 

Elegant Accessories

Nothing pulls a look together quite like a really nice high-end accessory. Black and colorless diamond rings like the one we feature here are a great choice. It features only the highest quality gemstones and has all the sparkle and shine we have come to expect from the stunning diamond. The rich deep color of black diamond jewlery gives it an edgy and eye-catching look that is unlike anything you’ll find with any other stone. The classic and timeless style of a multirow diamond ring will enhance the look and feel of anything you pair it with.

A ring such as the one we feature here is a great option for people who appreciate classic designs and style, but still want something that isn’t quite the ordinary. Black stones will naturally catch the eye, especially when you pair them with two rows of brilliant-cut diamonds. The brilliant-cut diamonds give the ring the sparkle that we have all come to expect from diamond jewlery. But the black diamonds really give the piece a uniquely modern style.

Show Your Style

The accessories we choose are the perfect way to develop our own unique style that is unlike what others have. The clothing we wear, the way we do our hair, how we carry ourselves, and the accessories we choose all come together to create our signature look. We can really set ourselves apart from the proverbial crowd with something like a black and colorless diamond ring. It is dramatic and eye-catching but is not over-the-top. It features classic style with a unique type of diamond that gives you something quite special.

The great thing about pieces like the ring we feature here is that they are a great combination of timeless classics and unique styles. By sticking to a classic multilayer ring style, but using something as unique as black diamonds, you get something that has the best of both worlds – it is really unique, yet also timeless. You really can’t beat that with a high-end accessory. And we know you will love all the compliments you get for your unique ring. 

A Unique Ring Option

Regardless of our style, it is natural to want to choose something unique. The black and colorless diamond ring we feature here most certainly fits that bill. First and foremost, all black diamond jewlery is unique by virtue of the stones that feature in the piece. But with a ring like this, what you really get is the ultimate blending of styles. The classic multirow diamond ring gets a makeover with the addition of high-quality black diamonds. 

What this means is that you get something that is going to be as elegant and versatile as any classic piece of jewlery is, but with a bit of a twist. We don’t often think about black as a color for jewlery, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Like colorless diamonds, black diamonds are actually really versatile. Just think about it, black matches with pretty much anything and this is also true of stone of this hue. 

And since colorless stones also go with everything, when you pair them together, what you get is something that you can wear with a wide range of other accessories, or simply as a statement piece of jewlery for special occasions. Whatever your reason, we know you will appreciate the unique style of this ring. 

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are a unique form of diamond that may also take the name carbonado. One of the things that people love about this stone, outside of its unique hue, is that it is one of the hardest versions of diamond that you can find. What this means is that it is a tough and durable stone that can also take on pretty much any cut and shape that you desire.

Like all colorful diamonds, the black diamond gets its hue from impurities in the stone. Most often, a black diamond will contain a diamond, amorphous carbon, and graphite. The levels of each trace element will ultimately affect the depth and saturation of the hue. The deeper and richer the color, the rarer the stone.

This rarer form of diamond tends to be found in alluvial deposits, predominately in the Central African Republic and Brazil. Since there are so few regions that produce these diamonds, this also affects the price tag. Another unique thing about black diamonds is that you don’t tend to find them any larger than a pea-sized stone. 

Like all diamonds, the black diamond may also feature in industrial applications because it is hard and is said to last longer, and take fewer resources and labor to maintain. These factors make it a naturally popular choice for a wide range of different applications. 

Traditional Colorless Diamonds

Diamonds, as the adage goes, are a girl’s best friend. Who doesn’t love the classic elegance of a really high-grade clear diamond? They are the epitome of class and style and the perfect representation of high-end jewelry. Everyone should have a piece of good diamond jewlery in their wardrobe and a ring like the one we feature here is a great option for those who want something a bit bolder, but still want that classic sparkle colorless diamonds provide.

The diamonds that feature in our black and colorless diamond ring are in the brilliant cut. This is a great cut for those that want to maximize the sparkle of the ring. This cut has tons of facets. These facets reflect light, giving the stones that heavenly sparkle. These are the finest diamonds available. We know that you have come to expect nothing but the best from Raymond Lee Jewelers and we continue to provide this service to the Boca Raton area and beyond. We know that you will love the stunning elegance and modern style of this ring. 

Black and Colorless Diamond Ring

The black and colorless diamond ring we feature here is a perfect blending of old and new. The style is classic. A multi-row diamond ring is one that looks great with a ton of different fashions styles and can stand the test of time. Regardless of fashions, classic pieces like the multirow ring will never go out of style. But with this ring, you don’t have a typical piece of diamond jewlery. You have five rows of high-grade diamonds. The two outermost rows are brilliant-cut colorless diamonds. These give the ring the sparkle and shine we have come to expect from these pieces. 

However, the black diamonds in the center of the ring really set it off. This ring features three rows of rich, deeply-hued black diamonds that give the rich a richness and a depth that it wouldn’t otherwise have. These stones have a really unique look and feel and since they are one of the harder forms of diamond, can take on even the most aggressive cuts. Here, we see a ring that features traditional round-cut stones that give the ring depth and a dramatic look. 

Something Out of the Ordinary

There really isn’t much better than classics with a twist and this is exactly what you get with the black and colorless diamond ring we feature here. The classic part comes from the design of the ring. This ring features five rows of brilliant and round-cut diamonds to create a stacked, multi-row ring that is timeless. It is a style that transcends fashion and will always look great. But, the materials set it apart from other pieces of classic jewlery.

The addition of the black diamonds gives this otherwise classic ring a really unique edge. The diamonds in the ring we feature here are rich, deep, and rare. There are three layers of these highly-unique stones that are held between two layers of colorless diamonds. This makes for a really eye-catching piece of jewlery. The stones aren’t something you see every day, but since the style is so classic, it has the versatility of something more traditional. Black diamonds make a dramatic statement and they really give this classic a makeover in style. This is a great way to combine edgy, urban materials with classic design elements. 

Make Your Own Signature Style

Choosing unique accessories is a great way to create your own signature style. But you don’t want to choose pieces so over-the-top that you look silly. This is why so many people swear by classic and timeless designs. They are, by their nature, timeless. Regardless of what is hot today, these styles always stay current. But classic styles aren’t necessarily unique and we want to create a look that sets us apart from others. So what are we to do? This is where a unique ring like the black and colorless diamond ring we feature here comes in. 

It has a classic design, which means that it will look great for many years to come and won’t clash with other pieces of classic jewelry. But the materials that feature in this ring are anything but classic and ordinary. Black diamonds are bold and dramatic stones that will naturally draw the eye. When you pair these stones with high-grade colorless diamonds and a classics style, you get something that can really bring together your signature look. This ring is really unique and will give you a look all your own, but the style is classic enough that you can wear this ring daily and not look out of place. 

In Closing

People love classic styles because they are, well, classic. It is an easy choice, especially when trends can come and go so quickly. But just because we appreciate classic designs doesn’t mean we want boring pieces that are indistinguishable from what everyone else has. Who doesn’t want something that combines this timeless style with unique elements that give it a lot more personality and style than it would otherwise have? This is exactly what you get with a black and colorless diamond ring. It has a classic style but unique materials that give it a really elegant and different look and feel.

This ring features five rows of the highest-grade diamonds you can find. Two outer layers of colorless brilliant-cut diamonds flank three inner layers of high-grade black diamonds. Black diamonds are bold, elegant, and highly stylish. They are rare and not something you see every day. Depending on the depth of the hue, the rarer the stone. The stones we feature here are some of the richest and deepest black you can find, making them incredibly rare and valuable.

What you get with this piece is the perfect blending of classic and modern; edgy and timeless – all of which are hard to beat. Whether you are getting this piece as part of your signature look or as a piece of statement jewelry for special occasions, we know you will love the quality and elegance. 


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