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Rolex Two Tone Submariner (16613) versus Rolex GMT Two Tone (16713) Watch Review

Rolex Two Tone Submariner (16613) versus Rolex GMT Two Tone (16713) Watch Review

Rolex Two Tone Submariner and Rolex GMT

Want to know the differences between a Rolex Two Tone Submariner and Rolex GMT two tone watch? This week for our Masculine Monday feature we will be comparing both of these unique Rolex watches. The first, Rolex Submariner is a diver’s tool of trade. An impeccable design with extensive functionality particularly for deep sea adventures. This watch features a classic Oyster steel two tone bracelet. Meanwhile, the other Rolex is a GMT traveller’s dream time piece. It has extensive functionalities for those who are always on the move. Appropriately named the GMT it has global time abilities and a durable feel like the Submariner. On the other hand this watch has a celebratory Jubilee bracelet. One of the most coveted and prized Rolex bracelets around. It really truly sets this watch even further apart. Here we will go over not just what sets these two watches apart from each other.

Further, we will go into the similarities of these two iconic watches. For a renowned brand like Rolex, known world wide for their quality, precision and innovation, a master piece is no easy feat. However, both of these embody the tradition of Rolex. The Rolex watches use some of the world’s most complex and of course uniquely patented machinations. Also, they have the unique functionalities and features that classic modern gentlemen look for in a time piece. Nevertheless, the watches are timeless and a part  of any refined collections of luxury watches. They are for the connoisseur and the collector, those involved in these arenas or deeply involved with the Rolex craftsmanship. Rolex is the timeless brand of bold, powerful and committed men. In the same way that they are deeply committed to their craftsmanship, bold in their designs and housing powerful movements and machinations they are committed to classics.

The Rolex Brand: a luxury and fine watch industry leader

Rolex Two Tone Submariner and Rolex GMT

A Rolex is a marker of reaching a certain point in your life. It is a classic and capable machine from a world famous leader. A landmark brand in innovations and novelty features for watches. From the very beginning Rolex has always been at the cusp of innovation and acceleration. Rolex, the decidedly most well known and efficient luxury timepiece there is. They are eponymous with speed, precision and unparalleled performance. They introduced to the world the very first waterproof wristwatch which then launched them further into the luxury durable sports watches. A brand renowned all around the world for its impeccable quality and inimitable design Rolex has lead the craft of Horlogerie from the beginnings of wristwatches. Furthermore as a Swiss made machine you can be sure some of the world’s best craftsmen are developing each and every piece. It is synonymous with power, precision, glamour and refined aesthetics.

There is undoubtedly an extremely high level of expectation when it comes to a Rolex time piece. For the two watches we are showcasing and comparing today it is no different. Both of them employ highly advanced Rolex capacities. For example the Oyster steel, a superalloy extremely strong. This is what the Rolex Submariner’s bracelet is made of. Another, impeccable and collectible grade feature bracelet is the Rolex GMT’s jubilee bracelet. This is a Rolex commemoratory bracelet. Two tone like the Submariner’s Oyster steel one. Below you can see all of these details and further intricacies of each one of these watches including their bands. From the very beginnings when Rolex began producing time pieces exclusively for pilots to when they elevated their tools of the trade to items of precious jewelry. These two particular watches bring together all of this tradition and celebration along with modern and unique touches.  

Two of a kind: Two tone Rolex Submariner 16613 and GMT 16713 watches

First in our review is the two tone Rolex Submariner 16613. This one has the Rolex developed Oyster steel links bracelet.This unique high technology model feature that is actually used in the aerospace and chemical industries is highly durable and strong. The Submariner itself as you will see below has an incredible diver’s tool functionality. With luminous hour markers and hands and a 40 mm face this watch is easy to read no matter what depth you find yourself at. It is a fine piece for the sportive, elegantly refined gentlemen.

Rolex Two Tone Submariner and Rolex GMT

Second, is the two tone Rolex GMT 16713. It is a pilot’s watch for the gentleman who finds himself going across time zones more frequently than not. A GMT Master II it can handle two time zones so you are always on the right time without too much effort. This one also has a very special bracelet. It is an 18 carat gold and stainless steel celebratory Jubilee band. As you will see below the band itself is truly a fine piece of jewelry. A collectors preferred band it elevates this Rolex to the ultimate range.

Rolex Two Tone Submariner and Rolex GMT

Both of these Rolex time pieces are 18 carat and stainless steel two tone watches. Also, they both have the iconic Rolex automatic movements, bi-directional black and gold rotating bezel, fold over clasps, date windows at the 3 o’clock hour mark, 40 mm cases and dark black dials. This gives the watches a unique look, increased visibility and sleek aesthetic. Also they both have a fine touch of gold on the crown sitting neatly between the crown bridges. Each one of the watches also have unique bands as stated above. We will go deeper into each watches unique features next. Luxurious and powerful men’s accessories the two tone watches are refined timepieces.

The Rolex fold over clasp

An important feature of any watch is of course the bracelet clasp. Now this is a particularly sensitive and important touch when it comes to power sport watches or those used as a tool of a trade. Furthermore when it comes to fine luxury watches such as Rolex the clasp is actually an underrepresented important feature. You cannot trust that a simple basic clasp will hold the watch. It is necessary to truly have a strong and resistant clasp that does not compromise the watches ability to function well. As a leading wristwatch craftsman Rolex has a very unique proprietary clasp, the fold over clasp function. This is one that is easy to open with one hand. However, it is also highly resistant and locks tight.

Made from Rolex’s unique Oyster steel alloy it truly sets your mind at ease whether you are flying high with your Rolex GMT with a Jubilee band or diving deep with your Rolex Submariner.

Rolex Two Tone Submariner and Rolex GMT

The Rolex Two Tone Submariner 16613 watch

A diver’s refined tool

The reference among diver’s watches the Submariner unlocked the deepest depths to man. This 1990s watch was first released in 1953 when it became the very first watch in the world to reach a wistwatch waterproof depth of 100 meters. A historic turning point the Submariner is designed for depths. It continues to be one of the most cutting edge and innovative watches for diving around. The latest and greatest it features luminescent hour markers and hands as well as a large dial face to prevent any confusion down under. The dial’s luminescent Chromalight also has a unique display that actually improves visibility in dark environments including different shapes along the dial. There are triangles, circles and rectangles to keep you clear during your dives.

Rolex Two Tone Submariner oyster steel bracelet


Two tone Oyster steel and 18 carat yellow band

This watch also has one of the most worn and well received luxury watch bracelets world wide, the Oyster band. This notable and quite honestly legendary feature band sets Rolex apart for their timeless and universal classic style brands. The band’s durable Oyster steel alloy is high grade durability and easily adjusted as well. Any adjustments that are required on this bracelet can easily be made right on the spot. That is because it features the ingenious patented Rolex easy link rapid extension attachment feature. This amazing feat of craftsmanship allows you to easily increase the watch bracelet length by approximately 5 mm for additional comfort no matter the circumstance every single time. The fact that you are able to do this makes it a versatile comfort watch bracelet. You can simply regulate the band for additional comfort in any situation.

Rolex Two Tone Submariner oyster steel bracelet

The Rolex two tone GMT 16713 watch

A two time zone pilot’s watch

This watch was truly made for intercontinental travel. It is not a time piece for any time. It is the time piece no matter what time you are in or going to be in. The distinctive black dial is the face of this Rolex with increased visibility and readability. Each of the hour markers are crafted from 18 carat gold to prevent any tarnishing. The winding crown of this gorgeous watch allows you to set the local time by jumping hour to hour. All without affecting the home time already set into your watch. Without affecting the precision of time keeping and never missing a beat this ingenious craftsmanship keeps pilots and world travellers going on time all of the time. Undoubtedly one of the more advanced of Rolex watches this one also features 3186 calibre movement. The self winding mechanical movement that truly sets the Rolex GMT watch apart.

Rolex GMT jubilee bracelet


Two tone Jubilee 18 carat yellow gold and stainless steel bracelet

Over time the coveted Oyster bracelet renowned for its comfort and aesthetic beauty has had many a celebration. Its durable alloy and bright sparkling features made it one of the preferred band types. To mark the Rolex brand’s 40th anniversary they released the commemorative Jubilee bracelet. This particular watch bracelet is one of these commemoratory Oyster bracelets. The Jubilee is much like the Oyster steel bracelet but with finer links and much added comfort. Each one of the links on the Jubilee bracelets are a semi circular link. It was meant to be more of a dress bracelet for a watch. However, it is still a robust and sturdy bracelet overall. Originally the Jubilee bracelet was only released as a solid gold bracelet feature. However, over time several other metal types were also released including this two tone beauty. The iconic three link design continues to impress collectors world wide.

Rolex GMT jubilee bracelet

Diamonds by Raymond Lee your South Florida destination for fine and luxury Rolex watches

Overall the Rolex luxury timepieces are an accessory for life. As a true standing statement of refined style and personal lifestyle each one of these watches embodies power, sport and a life well lived. Our curated collection is a combination of our favorite classic pieces and some of the world’s most difficult to find limited edition pieces. Iconically renowned and timeless timepieces that are dependable and sought after like these Rolexes. We source fine luxury watches and unique limited edition timepieces of the utmost quality. All of our product offerings, including the Rolexes mentioned here are carefully inspected and tested to ensure authenticity and quality. There is nothing quite like a fine piece of jewelry or a luxury watch as a gift or occasion marking present. We know that. It is why we are continuously sourcing and curating our offerings. We strive to carry the best world pieces of Horlogerie.

Rolex Two Tone Submariner and Rolex GMT

We have been serving South Florida offering diamonds, jewelry and fine timepieces for the past three decades. And look forward to continuing this tradition for the next three decades to come too. Overall our commitment is to offer superior service and the ultimate quality pieces. We pride ourselves in our collection and our customers. It is why we have served the South Florida community, hosting events, launching luxury brand collections and helping fine gentleman discover their true fine luxury accessory. From our events and interactions with you, we know you deserve nothing but the absolute best. This is why we work on always providing you with the best items and the most unique experiences possible. Each and every single time you are with us. Keep an eye on our complete collection of offerings and events; browse our site or visit us at one of our conveniently located and exquisite showrooms.

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