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Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton Car Show | November 18th Recap

Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton Car Show | November 18th Recap

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The best car show in Palm Beach County, Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton, had another successful turnout this past Sunday. We had free breakfast (coffee and donuts!), live music, jewelry giveaway, and a BBQ lunch for $10 where all the proceeds go to a good cause (the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County). Oh, and of course, cars, cars, and more cars (Lamborghinis, McLarens, Porsches, and many more)…plus, motorbikes like the 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa too. In this article, we recap our November 18, 2018 Diamonds and Donuts Car Show and feature just a few noteworthy cars and people who attended.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s retail jewelry store in Boca Raton was invaded by a profusion of exotics, muscle, sports, luxury, 4×4, custom, and classic cars, superbikes, and auto nuts. The Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton car show kicked off at 9am and went into the afternoon, with music, food, donuts, giveaways, pictures, donations, laughs and all the good things that come with a car meet – reminding everyone why Diamonds and Donuts is the premier car show in South Florida.

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What is the Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton Car Show all about?

If you aren’t familiar, Diamonds and Donuts is a monthly car show in Boca Raton, held at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Our car show is more than just a place where amazing cars gather; it is a charity event, raising money and goods for local causes.

The first Diamonds and Donuts car show was April of 2017, and we have been growing month-over-month ever since. We now get a TON of cars and attendees, and we are recognized as one of the hottest car shows in South Florida.

Diamonds and Donuts has luxury cars and jewelry, live music, delicious foods and exclusive giveaways, gorgeous “Diamond Girls” and awesome Floridians, and it is a great chance for local businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with their community.

We are so grateful to all that show up every month. You are truly making our car show a South Florida hit. Diamonds and Supercars have striking similarities. Both attract a lot of attention. So, it is no wonder it has been so successful. Also, we just know how to put on a good show 😉

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Our charitable efforts were a success with the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County again.

Apart from raising money for the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County, we also had a food drive just in time for Thanksgiving. This also ended up being a big success.

The fact that we have created an incredible event that sees some of the most exquisite cars in the world and combined that successfully with giving back to causes that touch home for us makes Diamonds and Donuts such a pleasure to host each and every month.

car shows south florida 2018

Here are some of the Diamonds by Raymond Lee team with the Boys and Girls Club in the photo in front of their bus. (@bgcofbroward)

Victory Lap:

Now, it’s time for a victory lap. Let’s have a look at some of the cars and people who joined us this past Sunday at DIAMONDS AND DONUTS.

Our parking lot was full of nice cars of all kinds, as per usual.

Xbox Lamborghini

xbox lamborghini

Fabio came with his X-Box Lamborghini Huracán Performante (his personal IG handle is @fabio_icg and his car’s account is @xboxlambo).

The 2018 Huracán Performante has a V10 engine with 640HP, and it is faster and livelier than ever.

Originally, Fabio’s car is of Verde Mantis color (green), but he recently gave his Lambo a temporary makeover in support of Xbox’s 17th Birthday. It took some of the most exclusive car wrap technology to make this happen, and it was done in collaboration with @metrowrapz.

Fabio wrote:
“Wrap is on the last lap, soon the green will be back. #xboxlambo will take a vacation. I’m so proud of everything I did with this car. I never thought a car could represent so much on my life.”

For us, his car is the epitome of sophistication, technology, refinement, and fun. This is what a massive, boisterous engine should sound and drive like.

@sarachristine____ came out with 3 of her cars.

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

car shows in miami

First, let’s go over her Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

Stephan Winkelmann, Lambo’s charismatic chairman, stated that the Roadster is the most extraordinary car in the company’s illustrious history at the car’s launch down in Miami.

This is a bold statement, but it is hard to argue with.

The Roadster has 729bhp ready and willing, which is more than the already insane 680bhp that has been bestowed to the standard Aventador.

What’s even more impressive is the claim Lamborghini makes on how the Roadster reaches an astonishing top speed of 217mph with or without the roof in place. It really doesn’t get any better.

Sara’s Roadster is all white with orange calibers for a touch of extra spice.

Lamborghini Gallardo

car show miami

Sara also blessed us with her white Lambo Gallardo (pictured left). 

The Gallardo is a household name, as it is Lamborghini’s first top-selling model, produced from 2003 to 2013, at which time the Huracán took over (2014). There were only 14,022 Gallardos produced during its production run. It was named after the great breed of fighting bull and it has a V10 engine with a maximum output of 493hp.

1970 Plymouth Barracuda

muscle car shows florida

The Barracuda, or “‘Cuda” for short, emerged as an all-out muscle car in 1970. It was built on an E-body chassis platform, the same as Dodge’s Challenger. It is very similar in that regards, except that the body-panels were not interchangeable.

Sara’s ‘Cuda features heavy duty suspension and drive trains that can handle all the extra power that come equipped in this muscle car. Furthermore, it has a torsion bar suspension layout at the front with semi-elliptical lead springs and a live axle at the rear.

The 1970 Barracuda had a production of only 18,800 coupes and 635 Convertibles. As you can see, she has the convertible, which makes it a highly sought after, rare classic. Yet, the rarest 1970 ‘Cuda is the Hemi convertible, as there was only eight built in total.

Lamborghini Aventador

car shows in south florida

The other white Lamborghini Aventador, first one on the right, belongs to Sean Flood (@954_mr_xi). Sean always supports Diamonds and Donuts and the causes we raise awareness and contributions for. We are very grateful for him…and his Aventador.

By the way, the car’s name is Bella – a beautiful name for a beautiful car. She has an in-house Lambo V12 engine, produces 690 bhp, goes 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds, and has a base price of US$393,695 (baller alert!).

Huracán Performante

florida car shows swap meets

Sitting in a Lamborghini Huracán Performante wearing a rose gold iced out AP Royal Oak Offshore. The owner of the car is Tony Cabrera (@tnismo).

Tony is a great guy. This is our first time featuring him, so we want to give a quick tidbit on him. He’s a member of @gentlemenz_florida_ and @rotiform. He is just an overall gentleman.

florida classic car shows

The Huracán isn’t the only car you will catch him in. He has a 2015 Nissan 370Z Nismo too (seen below).

Nissan 370Z Nismo

palm beach car show 2018

Janeece Sinclair

Pictured here in front of Rolls Royce is Janeece Sinclair (@squatqueenjaneece).

car show fort lauderdale

Photo was shot and edited by @CKSoFLy

Janeece is an American fitness model and athlete known for having a super lean and toned physique. She is absolutely gorgeous and her glutes are something to envy AND aspire to. Janeece is a competitive fitness model, taking part in competitions such as Fitness Universe Miss Bikini (which she took 1st place in 2013).

As amazing as she is, she is the perfect example of overcoming adversity. In 2017, she was in and out of the hospital, sick for 11 months due to a tough condition we all know called Crohn’s. Although Crohn’s is a lifelong condition and a constant battle, she is proof that you can overpower any struggle and still be the most amazing you. I mean, just look at her, she is gorgeous, strong, hard working (I mean you have to be to have a body like that!), a complete badass, and her achievements are continually piling up. She is very inspirational. It was a pleasure to have her at the show.

Be sure to check out her Instagram (she has 100k followers on Instagram…and counting). Not only is she amazing, but she also has impeccable photographs.

Lily Lindquist

boca car show

@lilylindquist posing in front of an antique Porsche Carrera. Photo was shot and edited by @CKSoFLy

Lily is another popular and beautiful influencer. She works in, and has a passion for, the auto industry. Lily is an automotive digital marketing & event planning specialist. Check out her Instagram, there are so many great shots of exotics and luxury vehicles. It was absolutely fantastic to have her join us at Diamonds and Donuts.

Porsche GT3 RS

diamonds and donuts boca raton

@squatqueenjaneece @lilylindquist posing behind a Porsche GT3 RS.

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is mainly used for racing. It is a high-performance adaption of the Porsche 911 sports car. The GT3 RS has a 4.0 liter flat-six engine, which is the biggest engine allowed in a street-legal 911). It goes 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 193mph. The RS’s design is high-tech, with carbon fiber as a crucial component. The carbon-fiber fixed rear wing has continually become more discernible with each new generation. Overall, the GT3 RS is a track slayer with cornering grip that is one of the best in the major leagues.

McLaren 650s


Betty Boop” showed up again with her McLaren 650s. Her McLaren 650S is an IMRA 1 Mile World Record Holder.

We didn’t get a shot of Betty’s McLaren this month, so this picture is from last month’s car show. You can see a video of her on our Instagram going full force in her McLaren (with “the sound of the police” right behind her).

Dodge Challenger – aka SHAKER

pompano beach car show

@Shaker rolled through with his Dodge Challenger (aka Shaker). His Challenger is pure muscle and power.

There was quite a larger presence of motorcycles of all kinds this time around.

Suzuki Hayabusa

south florida classic car shows

On the motorcycle is @squatqueenjaneece

@Joker_nsx usually comes out with his 2017 Acura NSX or his 2018 Dodge Hellcat, but with the amazing weather we’ve been having this fall in South Florida, he decided to bring out his 2016 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa. This is a sick bike, but in fact, it is quite affordable at around $15,000 USD. It has an inline-4 engine and hits a top speed of 186mph. On or off the clock you can’t run from this guy…he’s also a West Palm Beach County Sheriff 😉

Ducati 848 Evo

motorcycle show south florida

Sean Mcgregor (@seanhmcgregor) zoomed in with his Arctic White Ducati 848 Evo. It’s an 849 cc sports bike with a V-twin engine manufactured by the famous Ducati. The 848 Evo has amazing control and it hits a top speed of 159mph.

Von Wraps

Our friend @von_wraps, a custom wrap company focusing on premium color change & commercial wraps, clear shield, & ceramic coating for exotics and daily drivers, was in attendance as well. Check out his Instagram for all the awesome work they do.

Appreciation & Accolades:

We want to give our deepest gratitude to everyone who brought their car to the show. You are truly what makes this show so fantastic. There were so many amazing cars that we can’t feature them all here. For those reading this who didn’t come, we highly recommend coming to the next one if you are a car enthusiast.

We also want to thank all the attendees for coming out to Diamonds and Donuts. We couldn’t do this without you all.

It’s such an honor to meet everyone…and the fact of the matter is, we raised a lot of money for a cause that means so much to us. As it was Thanksgiving week, the food drive was a huge accomplishment as well. The city of Boca Raton is full of so many great, caring people and this couldn’t be more apparent than on a day like this.

We want to give a special thanks to Tri-County Mopars, who always come out to support. The Dodge lineup was too sexy.

To anyone not mentioned in this article, just know we appreciate you and hope you will join us every month!

Boca Raton Police Foundation

We want to give special recognition to the Boca Raton Police Foundation (BRPF). BRPF is a charitable organization that was founded to assist the Boca Raton Police Department in acceptance, management and disbursement of tax-deductible contributions in order to further protect our community and the strength of our Police Department.

The Boca Police Department is acknowledged nationally as a forerunner in law enforcement. Both the city and its government have made a substantial investment to maintain this responsibility for excellent safety in the community. The Boca Raton Police Foundation has proven to significantly enhance the Police Department’s capacity to progress quickly and effectively. Our team at Diamonds by Raymond Lee would like to express our full support for both the BRPF and Boca Raton Police Department as a whole.

boca raton car show

History of the Diamonds and Donuts Car Show:

Diamonds and Donuts first event was in April of 2017. The idea was to create a car show that connected the grandeur of collector and exotic vehicles with luxury diamond jewelry while supporting and raising awareness for local causes.

Since then, the plan has been riding smoothly, with Diamonds and Donuts growing every month, becoming one of the best car shows in Palm Beach County. More than that, every month we have been able to contribute to the charitable causes that we put forth. We have raised contributions for the Boys and Girls Club on numerous occasions, a local high school, a non-profit organization named Military Heroes, and more.

The cars we see at the event are easily the best the world has to offer – everything ranging from American-made muscle to exotic imports such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren.

Here are some recaps of past events:

October 21st Diamonds and Donuts

September 2nd Diamonds and Donuts

July 29th Diamonds and Donuts


Feedback from the community

Feedback from the community has been excellent. Many of our guests stay in touch and post about the event via Diamonds and Donuts Instagram.

“Great event , will be coming again. Lots of fun and lots of cool ass cars ??”

“It was an amazing day! Thank you for having us!”

“Thank you for having us!”

“We had a blast! ??”

“This is one of the coolest events @diamonds_donuts see you guys soon ?. Don’t forget to mingle with Palm Beaches favorite insurance guy @evan_eisenberg ?”

@diamonds_donuts had an amazing time today ! What a great team”

“Great pics and thanks for another great car show”

“So many beautiful cars!!!$”

“amazing show cant wait for the next one”

import car shows florida

#diamondsanddonuts on Instagram

Reasons why you should join the next car show:

  1. One-stop Shopping – If you are in the market for a new vehicle, Diamonds and Donuts is a great chance to experience a plethora of cars firsthand without the pressure you would get at a dealership. Also, the owners of the cars are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about said vehicle.
  2. Latest Models – Diamonds and Donuts sees some of the latest and greatest models on the market, so you can be among the first to see these vehicles up close and personal.
  3. New Technology – With the latest vehicles come new technologies, at our car show you can see the newest technology in makes like McLaren, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Rolls Royce.
  4. Rare Automobiles – Car enthusiasts can experience vehicles that may otherwise only be seen in magazines. Some of the rarest cars on the planet make their way to Diamonds and Donuts.
  5. Dream Cars – As you’ve probably noticed above, our car show in Boca Raton is likely to have everyone’s dream car in attendance. Some notable vehicles from our past events are: Ferrari 458 Speciale, Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren 650S, Ford GT Twin Turbo V6, McLaren 720S, 718 Cayman GTS, Porsche GT3 RS, Huracan Performante Spyder, Rolls Royce Wraith, Ghost and Black Badge, Aston Martin Vantage, and so many others, including some of the best American-made cars ever built.
  6. Networking – This is a great opportunity to network and meet new people in our wonderful community. Everyone is very open and friendly and you never know who you might meet.
  7. Giving Back – There is no greater pleasure than to help others in need. By attending Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton Car Show, you will be doing just that by simply enjoying a delicious, savory BBQ for $10.

How to Join the Next Car Show:

Diamonds and Donuts Car Show is completely free for spectators AND for anyone who wants to display their vehicle. Furthermore, we accept any make and model to join us at our car show. It’s not all about exotics and classics.

If you just want to attend, without displaying a vehicle on our lot, then you can show up whenever you like during the event.

For those who want to have a spot on our lot for your car(s), we ask that you contact us in advance so we can secure your space.

Also, we would love local businesses to get involved, so please do reach out if you think that you have something to offer that would be perfect for our car show.

RSVP for next Diamonds & Donuts car show here.

diamonds and donuts car showigh

Next Diamonds and Donuts Car Show:

The next Diamonds and Donuts is on Sunday, December 16th, 2018.

Come to Diamonds by Raymond Lee on Sunday, December 16th from 9am to 2pm for the next Diamonds & Donuts Boca Raton exotic car show. Enjoy breakfast, Charity BBQ, a jewelry giveaway, a live DJ, and all the amazing cars.

The BBQ runs from 11am to 2pm and all of the proceeds will be going to the charity we are working with for the month. We are also running a Toy Drive, so please do bring a new, unwrapped gift if you can!

RSVP – If you plan on joining, please sign up here.

About Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Although the Diamonds by Raymond Lee retail store is only a few years old, it all started back in 1983 when Jeff Josephson opened Raymond Lee Jewelers. We have been in the luxury jewelry, diamond, and watch business for well over 3 decades now. Both of our jewelry stores are located in Boca Raton, one on the west side and the other on the east. Diamonds by Raymond Lee is our new commercial building, and it has a stunning showroom.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee is cultivated from strong family principles, unwavering professionalism, and traditions that will never diminish. Even though tradition is strong here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, our perceptiveness for how the market evolves has allowed us to understand and cater to new generations. We pride ourselves on understanding the wants and needs of all generations, from Baby Boomers to Millennials.  Furthermore, we are committed to providing unparalleled service and an authentic, intimate experience for all of our customers.

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we sell and buy fine jewelry, precious metals and gems, diamonds, and luxury watches. We also do verbal and written appraisals, jewelry and watch repairs, jewelry trades, collateral loans, and custom jewelry.

Our well-rounded business model and positive, philanthropic attitude have enabled Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers to remain fruitful and trustworthy throughout the years. We have an A+ Rating with BBB and we our recognized as the leading jeweler for diamond engagement and wedding rings in all of South Florida. None of this would have been possible without the support of our community.

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